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Ombrelle sur la Mer

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Inspired by *purplekecleon's tutorial: purplekecleon.deviantart.com/a…

It was really fun to make a underwater scene, but I was happy also to make different view here and a complete background instead of, well, just plain water.

Other Pokémon Starters SpeedPainting from 2010:

EDIT: August 2013; Sorry for the late replies everyone! (But at least you've got a reply now!)
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Water, my favorito type! Loved it!
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That water feels nice, cool & refreshing!
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I love it!!! I especially love the details to the water and sky
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Thank you, that was really long to paint but it was cool to see the end result!
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Sweet merciful jesus. <3

Could I possibly use this as a wallpaper? D8
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Hey no problem at all! I'm glad you like this.
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OMG you're BRILLIANT ,I love all your works ç_ç What program did u use?
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I use Paint Tool SAI. Thank you a lot!
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this is GORGEOUS.
aaaah! the mood!! <33
water starters jsfkldk
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Oh thank you so much! Yes I love Mudkip too!
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First off, I am so in love with the coloring and highlights here. Second, water Pokemon will forever be my favorite.
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Thanks a whole bunch! Yes, me too I really like the water starters.
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Wow, these are gorgeous! The colors of the beach really pull you in and the textures on the Pokemon swimming below really give you the feeling of swimming underneath with them.
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Thank you a lot! I wanted to give out the feeling of seeing right in the middle of water and land and I'm glad you saw it!
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I love the orangey tones in the water. :clap:
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Thanks! It's purple/red overlay setting and some blending.
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love the picture very cute
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Love it, looks awesome!
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Thanks a lot!
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