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Breath of the Wild vs Organization XIII members

By mblairll
5 Favourites
  • I. Master Xehanort vs Link 
  • II. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness vs King Rhoam
  • III. Xemnas vs Riju and Patricia
  • IV. Xigbar vs Daruk
  • V. Luxord vs Urbosa
  • VI. Larxene vs Yunobo
  • VII. Marluxia vs Prince Sidon
  • VIII. Saïx vs Revali
  • IX. Terra-Xehanort vs Princess Zelda 
  • X. Dark Riku vs Teba 
  • XI. Vanitas vs Princess Mipha
  • XII. Young Xehanort vs Impa
  • XIII. Xion vs Hestu

This meme doesn't belong to me.

It belongs and credits to 4xEyes1987
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