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Veronica getting a Gift

Done on request from: [link]

Veronica Doveheart shortly after receiving a 'gift' from the friendly folks at SUZEtech at the end of the tour... ;)

Or is it the end?
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But whatever happened to veronica

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A happy drone? :D

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I recognize the hair and the corset.  In fact she al;most looks just like the advertising picture.
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I would like to receive a gift as well.  :)
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I think already at 20%, she will worry far less.
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oh... definitely.. and at 100% she won't worry about anything at all :D or ever again... EVIL Laughter! 
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That is to be expected.
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For some... For Veronica however, it is quite unexpected :D
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Well, she's able to learn quickly.....from now on. 
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The end is JUST THE BEGINNING......
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Definitely... For Veronica here at least :D
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A mind control collar is the gift that keeps on giving, whether you're giving or receiving.
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Hmm, collar are so sexy, hope she enjoys her new life ;)
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Thanks, glad you like it :)

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What is the significance of the collar?

For that matter, what is SUZETech ?
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It uses advanced nanotechnology to transform the wearer into an obedient Unit(tm)

SUZEtech is company making those (and other cool stuff)

where can I buy this collar for my gf?
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Contact your local SUZEtech representative :D
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I don't think collar tightness is really pertinent and in a short period of time, Veronica will find it just right anyway...:D
... It gets no air? Is the collar too tight? ... Help your!
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Only 15%....we need it higher...much higher...:D

Great work, my friend...
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