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Just posted 2 originals for sale on Ebay, if you happen to like the stuff i call my artwork, swing by and check the out!……
The Kickstarter for the publication of my Pathfinder (OGL) module, The Tomb of Kochun, has gone live! If you donate towards its publication, you get will get some phat loot as well!

Full color pdf version of the game.
Estimated Delivery: Mar 2012
Full color printed version of the book, signed by me and the writers.
Estimated Delivery: Apr 2012
Full color printed version of the book, signed by us and an original sketch in the front pages.
Estimated Delivery: Apr 2012

Visit Kickstarter if you want to contribute:…
Hey everyone,We are going to start a new biannual costume photo contest and this will be our first! What we are looking for is photos of you using our products in the coolest ways possible! We will pick a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner with each tier getting a prize!No real rules, just has to feature at least one of our products and you have to be willing to allow us to use the photos on our website or other promotional items (by submitting photos you agree with our model release form). We will feature every photo here on the website after the contest is over!
Requirements for photos:
Higher resolution,over 2000 pixels on its largest size and higher dpi is better (no more than 300 dpi). We would like photos to be in a larger format so we can edit them down ourselves for the website. If the file is too large, you can use a site like to mail it to us at
Must feature one Aradani Studios product.
If the photograph was taken by a professional photographer, you must get him/her to sign the release so we can use the photos on our website and for promotional uses.
Only one entry per person.

The Judges this round will be me (Mike), Paul Bielaczyc, Sara Bielaczyc, and Laura Jones.
The Prizes:
1st Place – $150 digital gift card to Aradani Studios, a 11×14 art print of your choice from the portfolio of Michael or Paul Bielaczyc, a Ceramic Mug made by Sara Bielaczyc, and a copy of Diptych the Art of Michael and Paul Bielaczyc full color art book.
2nd Place – $75 digital gift card to Aradani Studios, a 8×11 art print of your choice from the portfolio of Michael or Paul Bielaczyc, and a copy of Diptych the Art of Michael and Paul Bielaczyc full color art book.
3rd Place – $40 digital gift card to Aradani Studios.

The contest starts today and ends February 1st 2012.  We can't wait to see the submissions and good luck to everyone!
Just wrote up a review of Illuxcon 2011 over at

Check it out here:
Conspyer Illuxcon Report
Just wrote up a bit blog on about my experiences at Illuxcon.

For those who are unfamiliar, Illuxcon is a convention of Fantasy and Sci Art Masters, Illustrators, and sculptors. The attendance is small, limited to other artists, students and collectors.

You can read the journal by clicking here: Illuxcon 2010 in Review
So man, was gen Con fun!

Wednesday we got down and loaded out in the unbearable heat. Luckily they had the AC on inside so it was not as bad as it could have been. I think it was so hot they realized someone would die if the AC was completely off. After set up, I hung out in the hotel room with all our hometown buds – Grant Cooley, Sam Flegal,  Matt and the rest of the Aradani crew.

After a fun night, but not enough sleep, we started out on Thursday in the exhibitors hall. I had my own art table this year, so i was pretty nervous about doing well enough to afford it again next year. Thursday was slow for me. I sat around and got to joke around with other artists, but had no sales. I got a little scared.

Thursday night we got to go play True Dungeon. The whole crew was friends, so this was a blast (and thanks to Justin for the true dungeon tokens which helped us through) . It is part DnD, part Larp, part puzzle solving, and a whole lot of fun. We dressed in full costume and they had people take pictures of our adventure so they can use it for promotion on future True Dungeon ads. I was a rogue and got to disarm traps using a metal stylus that would spring the trap if i hit the walls of the metal maze i had to guide it through. My greatest moment of the game was split between the first time i saw a chest and opened it (and had the choice to get loot or get a clue for the room puzzle… i chose loot – and the party didn't even notice what i was doing), and when i bumped the wizards spell into the head shot critical zone of the attack board.

Then we went out for a late night of bar hopping and ending at a cool outdoor bar drinking a special gen con brew of beer called Fat Dragon. After a night of no sleep, and a hangover, i was in rough shape on Friday. I think the lack of rest and the abundance of alcohol helped some bug catch a hold of me and i had to even spend some time out in the van sleeping. I still got some commissions and sold some other random stuff. One of the commissions was for a exact replica drawing of hello kitty. so if you want to know what it takes to make me a cute artist.. its $20.

Friday night i took it easy.

saturday was a strong day, some good print sales and also was honored to sell my original oil painting of the Steampunk Clockwork Dragon! saturday night we met up with scott webb and crew and went to the monument downtown to hang with artist omar rayyan. after that, we partied at the white wolf party, which was awesome at its new/old location, the industrial club. some good dancing went on, me with a pirate (nigel) and laura and sara frary in a cage! dont worry, pictures will be coming out soon!

sunday was a good day as well, i was worn out, but still made some sales, got to hang out with more of my friends, and bought an original drawing from lydia burris.

now i am finally back home and getting in the grind for dragon con.
So we had a blast as always at Connooga, the room parties were crazy this year. We were glad to get to hang out with some old friends and become better friends with others. Me and Paul were on a couple of good art panels and got to chill with some great artists, Mark Helwig, Larry Elmore, and Billy Tackett.Me and Laura

Me and Laura heading into the Bellydancing panel in our Steampunk costumes. she is trying out the new contacts she got at the show.

If anyone is on the fence about attending Connooga next year... do it!  Everything was great, good panels, good parties, great dealers room, and great guests.

Next we are working on getting ready for MidSouthCon. At this con me and paul have aton of panels, as well as hosting the Saturday night dance party.

On a costuming side, I am working on my second set of steampunk wings and a female version of the jungle cat prosthetic which is similar to a Avatar Navi.

New painting by me:


And I relaunched my portal site:

So we had a blast at Chattacon. It was so good to see all of our friends, Robin and Andrew from Faerystone Creations, the Hypericon Crew, and all the rest. Both nights we partied like satyrs on a midsummer night, and got to wear some of our newer costumes. Paul won People's Choice in the Art Show, and I won best Fantasy costume in the masquerade.

You can find pictures of our adventures here:…

I am also working on a bunch of new projects. The Jungle cat mask (for Avatar Na'vi costumes that everyone is asking about) is finished, the silicone is curing in the mold right now. The latex version is finished as well. Tomorrow we are having some snow (hopefully) so besides taking some costume pics out in the weather, I will be taking photos of those new masks.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="105" caption="The old Myrddraal mask"][/caption]

I have also decided to redo my Eyeless mask. Though it was well received at conventions , online some people have been vocal (sometimes too vocal and vulgar) on how they were unhappy with it. I was thinking of redoing the mask anyways, but the critiques as well as being invited to Jordancon I started the resculpt. It actually went by very quickly and besides a few tweaks I think I am almost ready to mold it. The biggest complaint was the brow on the old mask. People quoted Jordan as saying the Myrddraal's eyes were smooth like an egg.  Apparently, they think that the entire upper head is smooth, some even arguing that there is no nose. The quotes "a dead-white sweep of skin where eyes should be", "From oily black hair to puffy cheeks ... as smooth as an eggshell." So with these quotes people think that there is no brown at all. I would point to the Great Hunt: "Its' pasty pale face, a man's face, but eyeless as an egg, like a maggot in the grave."  I feel if it is a man's face, it is a normal face, just minus the eyes. So anyways, I still was not happy with the old seams on the sculpt, so the new one has the seams along the hairline as well as below the chin. The middle seams goes along the edge of the nose and around the mouth.

[caption id="attachment_226" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Myrddraal eyeless silicone mask 2010"]Myrddraal eyeless silicone mask 2010[/caption]

As you can see in the photo, I still left some wrinkles at the top of the nose. This gives it some character, and some emotion, as well as giving me a small area underneath to leave open so I would have a little more area to see out from (the old mask only left a pinhole to see out of). This mask will be in production soon.

As far as art, I have been reworking one painting for a while now, it is about a quote I heard on the radio, saying that suffering is divine, it brings us closer to god. So therefore healthcare for all takes suffering away from the poor, which in turn takes away their road to heaven. It tore me up so badly, I immediately started sketching this painting. This painting is about anyone who uses their power and station for selfish reasons and does not care for those around them who need help.


I am also working on a painting for an internet art challenge, mixing in some of my views on the destruction of nature, as well as part of the myth of Kaldrath, a character from my fiction. It is only in the early stages, so don't judge it yet!


And finally two funny pictures.


And finally my cat Booty (like pirate treasure) thinks she is a gargoyle.


Artwork Website of Michael Bielaczyc
Today is the last day to order anything from my website at 25% off! If you order today you will still get it in time for Christmas.

Follow the link below to visit the site:

Artwork Website of Michael Bielaczyc
25% off any art print in my art gallery!

Between now and December 18th, any print you by from the Art of Michael Bielaczyc website you get 25% off!

Coupon code: holiday

Visit the art of Michael Bielaczyc
Visit Aradani Studios!


Michael Bielaczyc has been making art his whole life, in various media and subjects.

He has been selling and showing work since 1995, when he self published a comic book written and illustrated by himself. Going back to college at 23, he decided that art was going to be his main focus in life.

In 2001, he started his own art company, Aradani Studios, which is owned by both him and his brother. Together they have shown and worked in shows across America selling both their artwork and costuming. Michael has worked for such popular roleplaying franchises such as Dragonlance and Castlemourn, but his real passion is in his personal work. He works in mediums from oil paint to latex prosthetics, video to graphite.

Artist's Statement:
True myth has slowly been destroyed by modern culture. We have found light in the darkness, and with it shut the door to true belief in the unbelievable.We are left only with personal mythologies, views which can only really be understood by our solitary self.

I feel my on ly option is to share my myths and hope it sparks a little bit of belief in something beyond ourselves.
Whats new at Aradani – 7.2.08

So Hypericon is over and man did we have a blast. Our room party was a big success with dancing all night long and no hot dogs this time (ask Camacho). We had a great turnout in the dealer's room and I even sold quite a few of my dwarven dice bowl ceramic pieces. If you didn't make it to Hypericon this year, be sure to put it on your schedule next year!

Also me and Laura won best in show in the Hypericon Masquarade for our entry – Assassin's Creed – Altair.…

As for new products, our most anticipated project, our Giant Night elf style ear is getting close to complete. Each time we think we have it we run into a new little snag. That's the great thing about sculpture, you never know what's going to frak up .…

As for completed projects, we just got in and dyed the fabric to make Screen accurate BSG undershirts, so we have added the option to buy them in the dark brown/olive color instead of the black. We even got a collectors card with a piece of Starbucks fabric so we could make sure we matched fabric and color!…

Sweeney Todd vest and belt! We have added a Sweeney Todd style Victorian vest and barber belt to our custom costumes page. These are based on my award winning design (Best Duo Chattacon 2008) and can be made to any ones size.…

High Elf Ear Tips – And finally – New Ears! We have added a new style of elf ear, a high elf style to our website. These just went into production and will be in full swing production for Dragoncon (we can fulfill any order from the website in a reasonable timeframe). These would also make great dark elf ears!…