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Cthulhu robot


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Cthulhu robot


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Cthulhu robot


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Merrill - Dragon Age 2


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Thorin Armor Plates - costume WIP

Costumes WIP

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The Aedric Chronicles: Chapt 1

The Aedric Chronicles A heavy fog clung to the tops of the mountains surrounding the valley. A lone figure crouched on the mountainside looking down on the sparkling camp fires that filled the landscape below. The cool morning air caused wisps of vapor to curl out of his nostrils. His long black hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and draped down the back of his dark brown cloak. It had all come to this. Two armies. One battle. And one elf to stop it all. Chapter 1 Five Years Earlier Snow fell in fluttering sheets between the black barked trees. A figure weaved between the large trunks, his footsteps leaving shallow holes in the s

Aedric Chronicles

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The Adventure Begins


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Post Apocalyptic Elf Scavenger


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Horned Elf


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SWTOR Aradani Comic - Page 4

Star Wars Old Republic Comic

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Dwarf Costume Appliances - Nose and Ears

Aradani Studios Products

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The Watcher - Work in Progress


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