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This is a illustration for my Aedric story, which is part of an upcoming chapter. It is a dream he is having while going through his trial.

I am feeling it is close to being done, but feel it needs a critique.


edit - 5-29-09 - worked on the the shadows as well as blending the planets in a bit more (desaturated and darkened them)
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This is not the style I typically work in or a technique I'm that experienced with so keep that in mind with my critique. This seems a bit of a departure from your normal style, especially considering that it's about a dream. I look at a lot of your work (paintings) and see it as a dreamscape.

I'm a bit more drawn to the bottom half of the image. I like that the white swirly lines incorporate a bit of "you" into the image. I also like the glittery stardust in her hair effect you've got going on down there. The repitition draws the image together nicely.

The top half is a little more unfinished looking to me. The two planets on the right don't blend in as well as they could. I haven't been reading your story and so I'm not sure if they're essential but if they're not, I might suggest you repeat the swirly lines up there.

Overall, very nice image though!