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Rainmeter Skin ISM5 v1.0

This is my first official Rainmeter skin that I created, with the help of other listed in the credits of the preview. This has all the information that I want to know and I think that it also looks good as well. Inspiration was from Ironman 1 and 2 and other movies as well.

I will most likely add more to this and update it as well. I am also working on a similar skin based off of the new Tron movie.

Please comment and let me know what you think... (Good, Bad, Needs Work???)


**Update: Changed Preview Pic and Packaged in .rmskin format.**
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thanks for these great work

Great job, maybe my favorite skin (for the moment lol) congratulation ;)
great job ! I'm very impressed !
I just installed this skin, good job on making it! If you decide to update it, please consider a GPU usage & temp monitor. Overall I am very happy with this skin.  
does anyone know how to make HDD read SD cards? I changed the drive letter but it still wont show the readings.*****nevermind, figured it out.  Had to add a line "IgnoreRemovable=0".  I knew it was something simple. -.-
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awesome. Looks great with my Tron wallpaper.
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have you thought of adding a music player or utorrent?
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hey gimme some cool customize program thanxx
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The widgets are great, but are not very clear on all wallpapers, consider making a version for lighter wallpapers?
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lookinf futuristic!!! thanx :-)
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very cool great work :)
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lo que andaba buscando para completar mi piel de JARVI. que esta genial porfa podrias ver que mas se puede hacer con ella, la verdad envidio tu creatividad gracias
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Really love this skin. Thanks for the upload.

Do you think you might get round to making a GPU meter sometime soon? Would love to be able to monitor GPU usage & temps.

Also, are you planning to include some kind of read out for multicore processors? Not a graph for each processor - as I think your clutter free approach works best - but maybe a single percentage figure for each one, in the corner of the current graph.

I might try and have a go at this myself, but I'm pretty new at this.

Anyway - thanks again - best skin I've seen so far on the site.
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I really appreciate the great feedback and I am glad you like it. I have been working on an update for this skin, however, I only get to do this as a hobby and my job has been keeping me extremely busy. I am working on a large 6 month project and I have almost no spare time. I am hoping to have an update soon and I will see if I can throw in a couple of GPU sensors.
Anyway, thanks again for the feedback...
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this rainmeter skins works really well on my theme..they look so nice...but is it just me im getting GPU temp on processor core temp and my cpu temp on my system board temp :D
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I think that your problem is that Speedfan is reading your temps differently than what I have. This differs between systems. Open Speedfan and see what your temps are then change the "SpeedFanNumber=" to a different number starting with 0 and go up and see what you get (see below...). Try this until you get your sensors lined up. Sorry, I didn't make a GPU meter, maybe in a future release.

Measure= Plugin
Plugin= Plugins\SpeedFanPlugin.dll
SpeedFanNumber=1 <--Here

Try this and post again if you continue to have issues...
How do I set the temperature meters to Fahrenheit? Call me lazy, but I'd rather not have to multiply (C*1.8)+32 every time I'd like to check my temps. Other than that (and wishing it were a slightly darker blue), great job!
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I got the solution...
Edit the temperature sensors...

Under this code add a new line for SpeedFanScale=F
; CPU Temp Plugin for Speedfan
; Change SpeedFanNumber number to change the
; which temp meter Speedfan records your particular
; CPU temp at...


This should change it from Centigrade to Fahrenheit. Then just change the C to F...
Let me know if it doesn't work... I tried it, so it should.
Also thanks for the feedback...
That works perfectly. Thanks!
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It's alllmost perfect... It just needs... a clock!
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Quite nice. Great job! :D
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