My Rules (Read All Before using anything I made)

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>>Read the read me...always...if you want to do something that is against the readme contact me first. I am not a meany.

DO NOT SAY DLED on my items. 

It wastes my phone data with empty comments. I will tell you to go read my rules. 

>>Not any of my items I made can be used for Commissions!

>>> Just so I am clear! NONE of my items are allowed to be used for commissions. NONE I do not care if you are just charging for time. NO means NO. I wrote it twice in my rules for a reason. Commission (art), the purchase of the creation of a piece of art most often on behalf of another if it is not purchase it is either request or trade art. That is fine of course. Don't use the word commission unless it is bought or sold with money or points. A lot less confusion that way.

>If the readme says, "do not make the same model that also means the same character." you need to contact me first if you want to make the same character with my data.

>Please, remember I do not have the share anything with you.

I do it to be nice. It only takes me about ten minutes to take all my downloads down. I already took down one because of some one using it for a commission.

>>You can find their outfits here for dl -…

>>My stages are editable. but no distribute of the edits.

>>No distributes of anything that I have to DL

>>you can distribute models that you made with my items that I made.… (unless you make the same model/character with that part and say: I had to make a new one because all the character/model other people made were s*#y. Do not bother asking.)

>>No using my items with items from game rips (includes game rips other than PL2 or 3DCG).

>>No distribution of models with my items if the model was made with non-editable data (includes game rips other than PL2 or 3DCG).

Has someone have proof that it is okay to use SIM game parts? As far as I am concern they shouldn't be part of this. They are covered by copyright. I am not going to use them, because I don't want to be sued. Just in case people don't know, Models made with any of my parts with another non-editable part is not allowed to be distribution. No distribution. I really don't want to be associated with that model in anyway. Includes rips from anime games. I don't want them to be used with them. The reason i don't want to be caught up with copyright issues that come with model game rips. I don't even use game rip models for games like Kingdom hearts and FF. I don't think they are editable anyway. 

>no redistribution camera data or motion data. no using my motion data to make a new motion data.

>>no redistribution on items by themselves (Edit or not).

>>No using my items to make new item for download without approval from me.

>>no linking directly to models/motion/camera datas downloads.

direct them to either to or…


Yes the textures can be changed. I would really like to see what you make with my items. Always read the readme. They are not always the same. Please, credit, It does not mean "credit goes to owner" that does not count. please, put my username or link to the item page. Thank you. I made most (only one is not) of the items myself. They are not rips. They take time to make, rig, weigh, and add physics to.
Thanks for you time."

>>I will have items that require points to download.

That is only for early download. I will have it for free after the next Wednesday. I will put up a free download, but I will kept the other up for people who wish to buy it. 

>>I really don't want to see recolors of my models

>>Do not share the download password for this any data.

>>Do not re-distribute any data.

>>Private Trading and Public Trading of this any data is NOT allowed.

>>Please use any data at your own risk. I cannot be held liable or responsible for any damages caused by using this data.

>> Any data may not be used for any works which contain negative content toward the original product, individual, or group.

>>Do not use any data for works which include obscene, grotesque, or violent content.

>>Do not use any data in ANY sexual, erotic, or romantic relationships.

>>Do not use any data for works which include YAOI/YURI content.

>>my rule for vrchat is only the models that are completely done by me are aloud. (no parts or stages, etc)

>>You are NOT permitted to sell this any data in ANY format,

whether digital or in print. Data may only be used for non-profit purposes. Do not use this data for commercial purposes. Not any of my items I made can be used for Commissions! Does it make sense for you to make a profit from my hard work?

>>If you find data re-distributed by anyone other than me. I would greatly appreciate it if you could ask them to delete it.

>>Please don't comment with DL'D, DL or download.

That means nothing to me! If you favorite it I will know you got it. I don't mind short comments like awesome. I like or cute. 

>>In folders of the models(older ones) is a txt file of the locations of the items I used, so there really isn't any reason to edit them.

>>original model = ALL MADE BY SELF

NO borrowed items. NO borrowed base.

Quick Message from ME

>>Horrible way to treat a GIFT 

i wish people would read the read me. I took the DL down because someone edited the model instead of going the the outfit page to DL the outfit to use. For people that have not noticed I change the textures on outfits when I put them up for DL. So it was really clear to me what they had done. I made the outfit completely by myself. I have the right to say what can't and can be used for it. It is horrible to see a gift torn apart in such a way. I have already contact the person and I am waiting for a response. So far they have yet to credit me in the WIP but that not a big deal since I don't see many people do that tell they are finished. here is what I am talking about so don't download it if a DL would come about. Since I have already contacted them I would ask that you do not comment on their items. edit: they seemed to have taken it down. and I thanked them for taking it down I will put up the downloads again in a moment. 

>>I will contact you if you don't follow the rules. Don't assume that I will not notice. I know the details of the modeling and textures I have made. I will notice.

>>On another note,

Japanese people are not likely to contact you. So the whole "I will take it down if they ask me to." don't work. They are more likely to get mad post a blog why and take all the downloads down. The whole "What they don't know won't hurt them" mentality is very childish and disrespectful. If they made it, They have every right to put rules on the data. They did not just put rules for the fun of it. Those models take a long time to make. A lot of effort has been put into them. They don't have to share it with you. 

>>I do not tolerate bullying. I will block you. 

>>Talking about comments...If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. 

>>When I have constructive criticism.

I like to start with a positive comment, then something that might need work. My suggestion on how that can be done. That at the end something else I like about it. That just how I like to do constructive criticism. 

>>Also if you have to say something like...not trying to be: mean, rude, or insult you.

It will be assumed that you are doing just that. It is basically that same as using just kidding "jokes". Saying that phrase will not take away the fact that your comment is mean. They are insulting. My mom, dad, aunt, grandma. etc...would chew my behind if I did this to anyone.

>>DA Etiquette -…
>>Etiquette (technology)-…
>>MMD:Ethics -…
>>MMD Models Rules -…

>>Something I have been seeing lately...

for example Title of video: Luka Luka Night Fever - Download Links. If you did not make it why are you putting up the download links. Not useless the people who made it says it is okay. don't do that. It more than likely is against what they want. Why do you think people put up reason is so it would make you go to the original video, blog, or picture. 

>>"The following are common outlines used by producers, although not all producers use the same outline; Do not redistribute the model or the links to the model's download Do not directly link to the model download"
Quoted from MMD:Ethics.

I sometimes wonder if they just want attention. I only put who it is by or the video,picture, or their main page. because I did not make it. It not going to hurt someone to go the the video and then to the download link. 

>>If you can't read it, use a tool like Google translator or something.

>>Remember that no matter what someone say don't react badly.

DA staff not going to ignore it because they did something bad to you first. It doesn't give you the right to be mean, too. 
-Ignore it 
-remove the post
-Block them
-If it is really bad, report it to the help desk.

>>I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Anime models -…
Others UTAU and others -…
Vocaloid -…
My Models -…
Self Models -…
videos I made with my data -…
props -…
stage -…
items -…
textues -…
camera datas -

If their is a model (or outfits) you want to have please tell me in a note with the word "respect" in the note. 

© 2012 - 2020 mbarnesMMD
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YanderemikufrStudent Digital Artist

I managed to find the password for the AOT outfit and I apologize for asking the password last time

( sorry for my bad English ^^'' )

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mbarnesMMDHobbyist Digital Artist


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YanderemikufrStudent Digital Artist

What do you mean no? I don’t know if I wrote my message right because I’m not English and my English sucks..... but I wanted to say that I would not tell anyone the password and that I apologized for asking you the password. sorry for my English ^^''''''''''

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mbarnesMMDHobbyist Digital Artist

It is in there. It shouldn't be hard to find.

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SoraJakeBladeStudent General Artist
i scroll all the wy down to the bottom and nothing maybe wright a section that states "Passwords" 
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Hint: In the last sentence at the VERY bottom of the journal post, its the word that's in quotation marks.

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mbarnesMMDHobbyist Digital Artist

It is there. Did you read all the way to to bottom. I do it this way for a reason.

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MultiFandomShibeHobbyist General Artist
I could use some help with the password for the AOT outfit..
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mbarnesMMDHobbyist Digital Artist
it is not hard. It is plan sight at the bottom.
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MultiFandomShibeHobbyist General Artist
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Kimberly-AJ-04-02Student General Artist
To convert the .pmx files of accessories to .x files, how will I do it?
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mbarnesMMDHobbyist Digital Artist
Export in the pmx editor select x
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OneCapturedDesignHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, 
I found your lace packet here: Lace textures and have used the texture over the sleeves of a character concept piece.
I will be crediting you in the speedpaint and the artwork - would I be able to use this texture if I were to carry this design into the character's design in the comic? If not I totally understand! 
Thanks for uploading the content it was exactly what I needed to get the design idea out.

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mbarnesMMDHobbyist Digital Artist
it should be fine.
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YanderemikufrStudent Digital Artist
I can not find the passage of the  Attack on Titans you could help me
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mbarnesMMDHobbyist Digital Artist
Read all of it

" "
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YanderemikufrStudent Digital Artist
I looked I find nothing
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RaquelMoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Took me a while but thanks for your hard workSasha Blouse (Introduction) [V4] 
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mbarnesMMDHobbyist Digital Artist
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VioletclawHobbyist General Artist
I'm having a hard time finding the pass for your female SNK uniform, mind telling me which section in the rules I can find it? Thanks!  

nevermind i found it. very clever there
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drowzee-in-a-tuxHobbyist Artist
Hey, about the rule "no using my stuff with game rips", what if I don't know something I'm using is a game rip??
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mbarnesMMDHobbyist Digital Artist
If is was from a game like kingdom hearts or Final fantasy or Naruto games. Like that for example. It is is made by a 3D modeler than it is not from a game rip.

If you don't know what it is from then I wouldn't use it for any models. find or make something else. you have no clue if it is aloud at all. 
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drowzee-in-a-tuxHobbyist Artist
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I do not see the password
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