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TES - Morrowind - Sheogorad Ship Wreck

By mbanshee
Hi folks! Something done just for fun :) a ship wreck on the Sheogorad Coast.. in Morrowind, of course! :P
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Amazing work! And you didn't forget about the most important part, that must be there to be authentic.

Flying, flying in the skyyyy,

Cliffracer flieeees,

So hiiiiiiiigh


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Wooaaww...this is gorgeous Clap 
Thank you very much! :D
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Nice work mbanshee, you should msg Nexos on tesrenewal about joining the team. He's organizing concept art these days and we'd love to have you on board.
thank you for you reply! I was accepted in the tema about 6 months ago, but after a couple of messages, my reference stopped answering..  :\

may i should try again? :P
sinndogg It's exactly that wreck! :D and if you are interested, there is a community that is working on a remake of Morrowind with the engine of Skyrim! :D
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Nice work! You did a good job making the ship appear to blend in with the landscape - it's almost like it's slowly decaying.  Just makes me wonder what could be done with a high-def Morrowind remake.

That wouldn't happen to be the shipwreck in that foyada between Khuul and the Urshilaku Camp, would it?  I always make a point of stopping by there on my way to visit the Urshilaku for the main quest.
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Oh my goodness this is WONDERFUL. Gets that rough mood of the region really well, too. Suddenly I feel the need to load a character and explore... Hahaha
thank you for your appreciation! unfortunately i didn't find anything interesting inside the wreck.. :\
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Thwarted! Guess you'll just have to check the next one. Hahaha
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nice view.
is this water icy?
no, it's the reflection of the light sun on the water.. i'll do better on the next creation, i promise! :)
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I have nothing against it :)
Sheogorad actually can have some icy water around.
:D :D :D you're right so.. YES, it's icy! :P
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