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Spring Tiger

I love spring (when it actually feels like spring and not just a sloppy jump from sorta warm-ish winter to omg summer XDD). And I love tigers. So, yeah. owo

Download if you wanna see a big sloppy version of this! 8D

(C) Stephanie Drescher 2011
Done in Photoshop 7 w/ Wacom Intuous3 Tablet.

EDIT: 7/13/11- Gee, I dunno where you guys are finding this, but I've never had 36 favs in one day before! So, thanks!! <3
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© 2011 - 2021 Mazzlebee
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RebellingLemming's avatar
Stylish! great idea!
TheGodSquadAlphaTeam's avatar
This is really nice, and interesting too.
dlhowler's avatar
Its sooo cool!
jonasGOONFACE's avatar
I keep looking back to this and some of your other like pieces for inspiration. great combo of talent and imagination
moedjila's avatar
This is really awesome.
Great drawing:)
ZoraBear's avatar
Can i modify this drawing to get it tattoo(possible tattoo) on my leg?
Mazzlebee's avatar
Modify it in what way? c:
ZoraBear's avatar
i spoken to the tattoo guy and he said that he can't do the details on the size i want (between 3 1/2 inch to 4 1/2 inch). *sad face* :<
ZoraBear's avatar
by making it all stripes then the trees, owls and such and drawing a ribbon of some sort to state my grandfather and great grandmother.
Mazzlebee's avatar
I'd prefer it if you didn't alter the actual drawing. I wouldn't mind if you wanted to add a ribbon, though! c:
ZoraBear's avatar
or what about a heart? ( i will go with the original)
Mazzlebee's avatar
A heart instead of a ribbon? Sure! Go for it!
ZoraBear's avatar
also, what if the tattoo artist can't put certain things into the tattoo? (like the gradient, those small dots ect.)? can i still get it tattooed?
Mazzlebee's avatar
Yes, that would be understandable. c:
ZoraBear's avatar
yes, a heart beside a ribbon. XP i can show you the finish results.
TwitchBunny's avatar
It reminds me of an old saying, something about chi and it should be like a bunny bouncing and dancing inside a tiger. Anyway, This pic is really beautiful.
adriwisegamgee's avatar
this would make an AWESOME tattoo... Love it! O_O
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NeonRacoon's avatar
One word. Beautiful. How do I nominate this for a DD. It deserves one. All of the yay! :iconfluttershyyayplz:
christinangus's avatar
FE1K0's avatar
All i can say is "Wow"
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