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- Monster Doge F2U Lineart -

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How do snipe guards work? / What are snipe guards?

Hi, I'm just writing this journal so I can make it a clickable link for people new to auctioning in my future adopts! ~dignitylaughplz ( A snipe guard basically means the auction will be extended by x amount of time until the bidding stops; for example, an auction could end at 10:00pm and the snipe guard is 1 hour. So anyone bidding in the last few minutes of 10:00 pm would have to hold the highest bid for an entire hour, and if no one bids during that hour the adopt is theirs. They can place the bid at 9:59pm and the auction won't close until 10:59pm. Of course, if no one bids last minute, the auction ends as usual at 10:00pm. If someon

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[F2U] Free to use base 2!

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Lepidaemos MYO Event 1 - CLOSED

THIS IS NOW CLOSED! ************************** Hello everyone! I finally got around to making a species guide sheet for Lepidaemos in attempt to make this a more active species. To help with that I'm opening a MYO event - these guys are a closed species but for a limited time you can make your own for free! I'll probably leave this open for a few days to see how it goes! MYO RULES - claim a slot by responding to the featured comment (you don't have to finish/submit your MYO before the event ends though so you can take your time) - SHARE THIS JOURNAL poll, status update, journal, forum post... anything works! - follow the species guide

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