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Hey guys! So as you can see from my last journal entry, I've moved to instagram and I just realized that I never really did anything to celebrate my transfer. Even if it's been a long time since then, I've decided to hold a contest to celebrate it anyway since I have around 3,825 in my account and have nothing to do with that much.

:iconmazuto-sama: :iconcookieteller:

Step 1)(OPTIONAL BUT I'D REALLY APPRECIATE IT) follow both me(instagram @ mazuto_sama link --> www.instagram.com/mazuto_sama/…) and my fellow judge Cookieteller (tumblr cookieteller.tumblr.com/)
Step 2) Make a quick shoutout to this journal whether it's instagram, tumblr or deviantart or anything else(please do it there's a lot of points here 😬😬)
Step 3) Make a drawing of either my OC, mazuto or cookieteller's OC, Smile Dip. You can also draw both if you want. BE AA CREATIVE AS YOU CAN. YOU CAN EVEN MESH IN SOME FANDOM LIKE STEVEN UNIVERSE OR SOMETHING. Traditional and digital are both accepted. 😊

Bill Cipher with Smile Dip by sayuttan Mazuto by Mazuto-sama
Due date: April 30, 2017 (PHILIPPINE TIME)
You can either upload on instagram or here. (Just remember to tag me and use the hashtag #mazutocontestentry, tag me @ mazuto_sama and to make your post public so I'll be able to see)
You may submit AT MOST 3 entries


1st Prize
-1,500 DA points
-Solo shoutout on both my account and cookieteller's account on whichever social media you prefer
-Free commission(full color with shading)

2nd Prize
-1,000 DA points
-Shared shoutout along with 3rd place
-Free commission(base color)

3rd Prize
-750 DA points
-Shared shoutout along with 2nd
-Free commission(Black and white)

Honorable Mentions(5 people)
-115 DA points each
-Shared shoutout along with all honorable mentions

Thank you and Good Luck!! :)

I need at least 20 entries or I will disband this contest or extend the deadline depending on the circumstances.
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Is this still open??