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Needlemouse: Sonic



When i search youtube yesterday, I got excited with the Sega's announcement about Needlemouse Project O__o!!
Yeay,, my favorite Blue Hedgehog will back in action again!!!

Yep, Sonic it's been one of my Biggest inspiration for draawing. I still remember how i can draw Sonic and other characters for the first time when I'm in school^_^. but I guess i can't draw him like he used to be now, so humanoid one would be my prefer. Sorry, If you don't like humanoid sonic you can leave this place=_+a

One of my favorite of his game now is Sonic Unleashed in PS3. It's totally different than the PS2 version one and the hedgehog engine it's really chills me, great job guys! I hope i can see more like that in Needlemouse project, eventhough i heard that they'll be in 2D or maybe 2.5D version again. i don't mind. as long as i can play "The real" sonic games again>__<!!

2010! wait for me...~~ *dies in euphoria*

speed-drawing for 1-2 hour (trying as speed as hedgehog but epic failed*_*)

Sonic by Sega
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A girl named Spike and a guy named Ace have been posting your art as their own. I posted an album proving the images were not theirs and gave links to the real artists. You were one of the artists being plagiarized. Here's the link to the album to see how they copied your art:…
After posting the album, Spike took everything down and blocked me. Ace left his. Now Spike is claiming that she is friends with all 16 artists she and him stole from and that she had permission to "redraw" the art and also worked along side them. Please tell me if this is true. If it is not, I would like to know so i can provide additional evidence that she is lying. Thank you for your time.