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:Kingdom Hearts : 358-2 Days:

Another wait for another Kingdom Hearts new game. This is "358/2 Days" though i don't know what it means^^; you play role as Organization XIII. I think for the organization's lover must play this^^! Available in NDS.

LOL, its a pain to draw all the left of organization>.< started in 10PM and finished in 5.30AM O_O;;;
some character didn't draw properly, I have low of reference!

Kingdom Hearts (c) by Square Enix
artwork by me

2 other new game arts
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
Kingdom Hearts: Coded

Thank you very much for Comments and Faves!
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beautyful detail
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xion is overpowerd angry cutecookie icon 
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CHU FORGOT XION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O well,
I started hating her after she picked a fight with Roxas.
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He only drew the REMAINING members of the Organization after 358/2 Days. Xion was exterminated on the 358th day by Roxas after she was programmed by the Organization to fight him in order to determine which member was stronger.
Also, it wasn't her fault. She was nicknamed "puppet" by ol' one-eye for a reason.

Anyway, this great artwork gave me some great memories of the game, so thanks for that.
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I made that comment ages ago before I started to think why Xion fought Roxas. And I already new that she was, essentially a "puppet" I just never thought about it much.
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Awesome! Kingdom Hearts rules. 
Looks like an anime. Cool.
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The only word I have is: AWESOME.
Man, just adorable. Awwww, roxas :3
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This was my favorite game of the series, but I'm such a geek I cried at the end.
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Looks awesome!! :D But yeah, some of them look a bit too younger than they really are^^
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Never thought that Luxord was a pretty cool guy to hang out with. Sadly, I never knew that in Kingdom Hearts II, had to beat him to death with my giant key. :(

And Demyx was a goofball, but it hurt even worse when I knew that he would meet his demise as well.
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Love xigbars face! XD
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...The only thing that bugs me is Xigbar. His face doesn't look right. And everybody looks younger, but that's just me being picky. I'm impressed.
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Roxas is so cute and badass in this picture, I love it! That game is really fun. But i wonder why they choose 358/2 days. Doesn't even match the game honestly
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I want this game... not for Roxas, but because more Demyx... Unfortunately tuition is expensive and I have no time for video games.
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I still dont quite understand why they put Sephiroth in Kingdome Hearts. Is it a self promo?
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Gah you draw so well Demyx is so cute ^.^
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Great job! :D

Oh and if you're still wondering, the 358/2 days are how long Namine took to piece back together Sora's memories :)
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wait, so she took 179 days to fix Sora's memory? Or 716 days? Plus the game goes over 358 days so
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