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Might as well post this sucker up lol

anywho, something I've actually been meaning to finish for a while! :dummy: I ended up picking it up the other day and scrapping what I had already and putting this together :iconwhatdaplz: so much faster than putting Bear together, that's for sure. ^^; I'm planning on doing a Zekrom and Kyurem version as well, and if I'm lucky I'll get them done before this sunday! :dummy: because I will be playing Black for the rest of my life after that. as soon as it comes in the mail. :iconwhatdaplz:

in any case, do enjoy him! <3 he was pretty fun to make, not counting the endless trouble I had with his climbing frames ahahaha lol we don't talk about that no we don't. :iconwthplz:

EDIT: Link for ZIP file: [link]

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gracias por el shimeji me encantaa☺️