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Kyurem Shimeji

By Mazeyelle
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Well guys, as I promised, another shimeji! :dummy: I made a shiny version of this little guy too, I'll be uploading that in a bit lol XD but I'm pretty confident to say that he came out better than Reshiram (and just as cute), so definitely check him out! :la:

and now, to work on a Zekrom shimeji! :iconwhatdaplz: *flies away to do this kthnx*
Black and White is out Black and White is out yessssssssssssajk;ldfsjl;gjy;lkjg;ldkrs :iconexcitedlaplz:

EDIT: Link for ZIP file: [link]

Other Shimeji:

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i downloaded it but this showed.idk what to do.should i say yes? New Canvas
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Omg. This is so cute.
I love Kyurem, and now i can have lots of them in my deskhjashdjkahd
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I can't get the Kyurem to work. I have the most recent Java, but it keeps requiring me to redownload it. (which I tried doing, and it still didn't work)

Would having Window's 8 affect anything? :confused:
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I have Windows 8 as well and it doesn't work for me. :c
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i have windows 8 but it still works idk whats wrong sozNo... icon [16]Gaster 
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Help, I'm gonna die of adorableness!
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I downloaded the file; now how do I put them on my screen?
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no aparece en el escritorio y eso que tengo instalado el java .-.
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got Reshiram Zekrom and Kyurem
now i think i'll look for a Glaceon Shimeji
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Why must they be RAR files ; ; WinZip ruined my computer when I had it ; ;
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So cute ohmygod I have this little guy on my desktop now ;w;
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That's awesome... and cute! :>
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Can I get a ZIP file? My laptop hates RAR files.
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you're welcome! :la:
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I gave the download link to my boyfriend as well because he loves pokemon :D
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its soooo adorable, i love how he flies in the top of the screen <3
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