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Yet Another Globe V2

More of the same but hopefully enough of an improvement to upload.
Due to the shadow partially in the globe color, the icon looks best on lighter or very dark backgrounds.
Size 512x512.

Xara Xtreme source file can be found here: [link]
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Hey :) it looks really cool and I was wondering if I could use it as a banner? :)
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But I will publish it anyway just for people to know which artist did that cool work and shared it with us. :)

Thanks a lot.
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Wonderful! I love it. I'ld like to use it as a part of an open-source software icon with all credits respected. Would you allow it?
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yes and no need to give credit
a real great Globus !
This is Beautiful. I would like to use it for the cover of my yearbook. Is this OK with you?
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looks really cool and neat :D
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Excellent work! :thumbsup:
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thank you, i've used it to do my deviant ID
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thank's for your pic [link]
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awesome icon! could you do the western hemisphere too??
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That's kind of a big request... it may have taken me 2 hours to make the earth vector. Sorry to disappoint you but I'm probably not going to do it.
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Cool. Nice replacement for my GoogleEarth desktop icon. Thx for sharing! :excited:
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I have to say, that is the smexyest globe I've seen in a while!
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this is great man :D
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