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Yet Another Globe

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Published: March 11, 2008
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Begging on my knees, larger version needed!
I already sent you a note with the reason why. It's very important.
Nice work.
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this is the best globe ever seen in my life
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Hi dude
Totally forgot to say the globe looks great. But i have to say that, with all the icons(sets) you made i was expecting no less.
And i can almost see Denmark there. If i use some strong glasses i mean LOL
Last: the thing i like about your icons is, they are user friendly & you can easily see who made them.
Regards GFXman
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Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your comments. C:
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Plz remember Denmark next time ;)
Where is all your icon sets ?? i got the them. But for newcomers ???
Lets see more from NX11

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Whoops, sorry all Denmarkish people.
Icon sets were removed due to copyright stuff, I gave everyone permission to use my icons everywhere but didn't think about the fact that not everyone knows some icons have copyrighted logo's in them, such as the Microsoft Windows logo. *sob*
Icons sets can probably still be found on other icon sites.
I have 20 icons for NX11 done so far. But it's going slowly... It feels more as a job than as a simple hobby. D:
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Thats sad dude. I got around 21 gig of top icon sets-dating back to when copaland & Dot Icons was the 2 top sites. And i got the sets i liked of yours (from 4 and up).
If NX11 feels like a job then put it away for a while, and wait for the "mojo" to come back :P
Later MazeNL from GFXman
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*gasp* 21 gigs. :0
I did put the icon making away for a while, but now that the icons are getting better and more detailed I really have to pay close attention to not messing them up. This makes me want to rush iconmaking because I know I'm gonna be tired of it in a few days again. Even the relatively simple folder icon was a pain to make. D:
Oh well, I think I thought the same thing when making NX10 so new icons are probably (read: hopefully (read: maybe)) coming before the end of the year.
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AhmedqatarHobbyist Artist
Can you animate it??
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I would tone down Australia a bit. I realize the oceans are supposed to be glass allowing you to see some of the back side, but it pops out a bit much for my taste.
Another suggestion for the yellow moutains would be to just leave them completely off and keep all of the ground green. I'm a firm beleiver in less is more. Looks great though. Keep up the good work.
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It is done... I think I'll just make 2 versions of this globe in my next icon set, one with the sand and seethrough water, and one without all that.
Thanks. :)
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casteldacciaProfessional General Artist
I love it :)
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taticeHobbyist General Artist
Looks beautiful :love:
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ncusProfessional General Artist
The light seem a bit off, due to the highlight is at the bottom, and there's shadows on the surface.

I love how you draw the continent. Your attention to detail is your big plus!!!

Goo work :-)
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Oops... By highlight, do you mean the large glossy effect, or the tiny shiny effect?
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The highlight at the bottom is supposed to look like the water of the globe is reflective, and it's reflecting the floor it's standing on. But you're right, maybe I should also place a highlight at the top of the globe (right below the ice layer), and / or make the bottom highlight less bright. I'll experiment a bit with it to see what looks better and realistic.
I don't really see what you mean with the shadows on the surface, do you mean the tiny dark green dots? Or the dark blue stuff on the water? Because the dark blue stuff is the other side of the globe, it's a bit see-through. :P
Thanks a lot for the advice. :)
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ncusProfessional General Artist
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The best Globe i've ever seen !!!
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BenjigarnerHobbyist Interface Designer
Nice globe ;)
You should make the mountains in light brown and white :)
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I tried that, but I can't seem to get it to look good. :(
But thanks for the suggestion. :)
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BenjigarnerHobbyist Interface Designer
Good job still ;)
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Well uhmmm, ... I kind of feel stupid but is there actually a reason why there are certain areas covered in yellow or is it "just" for the aristic expression's sake? Population peak or something? I'm just guessing. ^^
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