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Four Heavenly Kings - Nephrite

Sailor moon, Shitennou, Nephrite
:iconredheartplz: Happy Valentine's Day! :iconredheartplz:

Thomas Bergersen`s beautiful melody for your inspiration - [link] :iconredroseplz:

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Honestly, my favorite Tennou is Zoisite, but F*CK NEPHY YOU ARE LOOKING HOT! :psychotic::psychotic::psychotic::psychotic:

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Heavenly is right...! :iconexcitedflirtplz:
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Mega cool, si je puis me permettre cette familiarité ^^
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I´d love if you painting in the same way the Ayakashi sisters and other villains females from Sailor Moon. You are awesome!.
Jovian-Mako's avatar wonder Jupiter fell for him. he's gorgeous!
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Thank you so much! <3
This guy looks like he should be in poster form on the wall of my teenaged self's room.
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can I just lick him? <3,
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Go ahead, dear =D
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:iconcomputernosebleedplz: DGJHDFKGJFDH *dead*

Nephlite is my faaave omg this is sooo goooooood *Dead*dead*dead*
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I want to touch that hair so badly!
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*major nosebleed* Nephrite was my favorite of the Generals <3_<3
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omfg.....Nephlite or Nephrite - this character and his story with Molly made me tear up so bad >.<
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Wow ! He's magnificent. ^^
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This is one of my favourites. Nephrite of course is my favourite of the Shitennou, and the episode where he dies is the first Sailor Moon episode I watched. It's what made me love that series so much! It was also quite awesome that the US Dub, even with all its faults, did not censor any of the violence in "A Friend In Wolf's Clothing".
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That was one of the saddest moments in the whole show TT
His death was absolutely heartbreaking...
I`m so glad you liked the portrait (especially since he`s your favourite of the Shitennou) and thank you very much for all the comments, it`s very inspiring :)
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I know, his death made me cry a little, and I was watching the DIC version. These days it sounds a little narmy at some points, but you gotta give them props for leaving in the part where Nephrite gets impaled, and for leaving in the blood.

I've been writing fanfics where the Shitennou have been resurrected, but each has to pay a toll - including the trapped Jadeite. The resurrected Nephrite uses a wheelchair, as his thorax and legs are completely paralysed, and his arms are weak and clumsy; they have some feeling and he can move his fingers a little without bending his wrists backwards and forwards(taking advantage of the tendons in the fingers), but he has a hard time keeping hold of small or heavy objects, and writing with a pen or pencil can be a chore for him. His general attitude on life is, it could be worse, and he just wishes he could be the best he can for his friends. In those short fics I wrote, he gets rather emo, but in some rewrites I'm planning, he has a much more positive outlook. I think Naru would just hug Nephrite and not let go, once she finds out that he's alive.

I'm also thinking of writing an alternate universe fic where Naru is noticing how Umino is growing as they go into college. She notes how he has taken up weight lifting and jogging, and now that they go to an American university, Umino can let his hair grow. It has grown so much, though he left the fringe short. His hair is quite wavy too, and he looks so familiar, bringing back a sad memory(especially now that he is wearing nicer-looking rectangular-framed glasses that don't hide his eyes), but later a very sweet surprise.
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nice whats the title of that NaruxUmino story
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