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* phew * I finished it *___*
This was at first a gift art for everyone here at DA, because L from Death Note was the most requested "thing" after I did Raito. But then after the contest I did finished, ~reapersun asked me to do L. So I said "hey, I just begun the picture, will you want it?" And she said "yes" and so on xD
So here it is, for everyone, my L "realistic" version. Please note the overpainted background ^^u. Sorry I didn't want to paint static TV screens from scratch. I was going to do a simple background, but then I thought something like "screen capture" thingie would be good... Like "Death Note: The Movie" screenshot or something like that ^^u
So I will stop babbling neh. Dedicated to all DN fans ^^

Painter 7 and Photoshop CS
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Okay, this is the most wonderful, amazing, breath-taking art piece I've ever seen.
Well, actually it's NOT OKAY.

I'm gonna cry in my blanket house. I can't stand all this beauty.
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Woooowww, mind{}blown
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...why's the hair brown? XD
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I love how real this look. His eye & detail on skin is my favorite.
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Amazing work, looks like a real picture!
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This is so incredibly impressive. When i first saw this, i thought it was a photograph. Everyhting about it is so good! Thank you so much for drawing this!
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wow looks like cosplay
AnOpinionToHear123's avatar
This is amazing. i admire your talent. :)
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it looks like 3D animation
PokeLover007's avatar
he has black hair
Nightmare-Lane's avatar
*looking at it*
Wow that is GREAT cosplay!
*reads description*
....You mean this is just a painting? That's one helluva painting, then....
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Wow, this is amazing~
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I can't tell you how much I love this picture of him. Thank you! :hug:
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cute but he has black eyes and black hair
SlytherinGirl4Life's avatar
lol me nd my sis has this as the screen saver ^_^
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wow...when I first saw this, I thought it was a picture...XD
Amazing work! :D
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........Wow. I wish so much I could do something like this.
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even more fail....
not even close...
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