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School ArtWork -Tiger

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Hey guys! >v<

I know a lot of things today! xD I even could make two drawings for my schoolart project! :'D
I'll soon reach the ten drawings! Q 7 Q I'll try to make one more sketchy one and then a more elaborated drawing and I think I'll be done! ^v^
I won't make the twenty drawings because I won't can do that in time but at least I'll have ten of them done! >v<
This time I did a tiger! QvQ I think one of the most wonderful and sadly in danger animal on earth.
I think it took me something like… one hour, a bit more! ^^ I really loved draw it! QvQ This is one of my favorite earth animal I think, even if a love many many other earth animals! xD But my favorite animals on earth stay for sure whales! ^ 7 ^
In any case, I hope you'll like it! QvQ I wish we could save tigers from instinction even if I have big dubts about it… When I think about it, when I'll have children there probably won't be wild tigers left… ; - ; They'll only can see them into zoos… Sadly…

Have a good evening guys! QvQ And be happy, even if world goes bad evrywhere, catch the slightest part of beauty you'll can find in anything, then give it to other people, and maybe, one day you'll make the world become better!
I love you all! :heart:

All by me 

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phyphydi General Artist
Raaaaaah il est trop chou lui aussi XD 
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MayVigProfessional General Artist
Merci beaucoup ma Phyphy! >v<
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C'est tout pour moi, je me retire~
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MayVigProfessional General Artist
Oui retire toi! >:'D Avant que ce tigre ne trouve quelque chose commençant par Co et finissant par co à se mettre sous la dent! >:'D
Coco-F's avatar
Ça dépend, est-ce que ce tigre est un "sans-dents" ?

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MayVigProfessional General Artist
Il trouvera un dentier juste pour te bouffer! >:'D
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CaelaSephyraHobbyist Traditional Artist
Quel beau message d'espoir é_è Mais tu as raison, émerveillons-nous et protégeons ce qui doit l'être ! >w<
Blague à part, ton dessin est splendide ! Comme d'hab en fait... x)

Bravo ma nièce ! :)
MayVig's avatar
MayVigProfessional General Artist
Funuuuuuuh! Q 7 Q Ouais y'en a marre des messages style on est tous des merdes et on est condamnés à crever comme tel! Un peu d'espoir dans ce monde merde!  > 7 < 9
Merci infiniment tantine! QvQ Ça me fait vraiment chaud au cœur! QvQ
CaelaSephyra's avatar
CaelaSephyraHobbyist Traditional Artist
Dirien ma nièce ! =D Vivent les arc-en-ciels et vivons d'amuuuur ouaiiiiiis :dummy: *mode hippie kikoo off*
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Fruit-SauvageHobbyist Digital Artist
Si on avait des vigiles pareils à l'entrée des grandes surfaces, des bars ou des boîtes de nuit certains foutraient moins le boxxon! *paf*

Blague à part, le dessin s'harmonise et s'intègre bien dans le décors. Les ombres, la texture du poil, la pose et les proportions, tout est bien géré. Il est réaliste à souhait. C'est de l'excellent travail! Ce tigre de papier se fond parfaitement avec la jungle urbaine X).
MayVig's avatar
MayVigProfessional General Artist
Fuh fuh fuh! xD C'est sûr que ça force le respect un bestiau pareil! xD

Merci infiniment tonton! >v< Je suis vraiment trop heureuse que ça rende bien! QvQ Et surtout qu'il s'intègre avec le reste! QvQ
Merci beaucouuuuuup! QvQ
Fruit-Sauvage's avatar
Fruit-SauvageHobbyist Digital Artist
De rieeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!
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Comme d'hab' j'adore, il s'intègre superbement bien au décor (enfin façon de parler, en vrai ce serait pas autant préconisé XD)
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MayVigProfessional General Artist
Hu hu hu! >v< Merci infiniment Alex! xD Je suis contente que ça marche si bien! >v<
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Sora-DarkwingsStudent Traditional Artist
Hi May

I've had a look at a bit of your art pieces for your project, and read what you have written
You are an amazing artist, and I am loving your pieces you have produced

But I also would like to explain a few things with the Zoo, so you don't get the wrong idea about them

Yes, it is sad to see so many animals in captivity. I would love to see them in the wild, where they belong. But, Zoo's are improving enclosures, to make it more natural for the animals, bigger, and so on. It's a whole lot better than it was say, 80 years ago, when animals had concrete floors and bars, with no where to hide. They now have tree's, and tunnels, and so on, as well as things for them to do, to keep them busy, which we call Behavioural Enrichment.

Still, you might not think it is enough. Animals should be in the wild. 
I am a volunteer at a Zoo, in a country called New Zealand. We help out with conservations, where Zoo's from all around the world are trying to open up peoples eyes and teach them about what others are doing to their natural habitats. I don't know if you have heard of Palm Oil, but it's in soo many food products (Not always under that name), but that comes from the places where some of the most endangered animals live. Such as Orangutan and Tigers. 
Also, we have things called breeding programs, where we help to increase the populations of animals around the world. With protecting an area, and releasing animals back to that place, where it is safe.

Our country only had Birds, Lizards, a couple of fruit bats, and Fur seals and Blue Penguins. With the introduction of people, brought pests, killing off so many of our animals. And then people eating the other ones, which broke the food chain, and killed off other species. Those animals were only in New Zealand, which are now gone forever. 
So, the Zoo and people who are involved, are reserving an island, which is now pest controlled, to release animals they bred, such as the Kiwi, onto that Island, so they can survive

So please don't think bad of Zoo's. They are trying to help animals, and prevent them from going to extinction. The people you need to look at are Hunter's who kill for the fun of it, and for the furs, tusks, and feet. Or those who cut down the forests and destroy habitats, just for oil or wood or land. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope this gives you a better understanding about the Zoo's. 
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MayVigProfessional General Artist
Hi Sora! ^^

Thanks a lot for having a look to my work and first I'd like to say thanks a lot for the nice words!
I know that my point of view can appears really one sided and it is in some sort but I'm not totally against evrything zoos make.

First there is the good and the bad zoos because like you said there used to be zoos without any notion of what is better for an animal and I agree with that, this was before. But there's still zoos which only look to the benefits and don't look at animals care. There's so much of them like that and this is first what I'm against.
Then, I know that zoos try to do their best to improove animals living conditions but I'd prefer that natural reserves be prefered than zoos. I find the fact that zoos are doing conservation programs a great thing but in one other hand I don't think that zoos will can make enclosures which are like their natural environement, just because it cannot be possible with the little space we have in a zoo.
The thing I don't agree with is the fact that we are keeping animals into cages even if hey can really seem natural-like, I don't think I'd like to be kept into the same flat my whole life. As humans, we can decide where we can go, evryday, and thta's what animals in zoos cannot do.
Then all isn't bad into the zoos, like you said, it can be a way to preserve animals and I'm not against the fact that we keep into zoos the animals which won't can return to wildlife because of a disease or a wound but keeping animals which could live into wild is for me something sad. Then, I totally agree with natural parks and reserves which are in some sort a natural zoo, where we can keep a control on animals but where the wildlife is kept too. On that point, I wish there would be more of them because it prevent from illegal activities of hunters and commercial who destroy animals' habitats.

I know about palm oil, and I try to eliminate it from my alimentation. With my family, we try not to take food products which contains oil palm. And I konw how it can destroy animals habitats and species.
This is the same problem with soja, they desroy South America's forest and use an enormous amount of water just for these plantations.
But like you said, the biggest problem are hunters with the palm oil.
I watch a lot of documentaries at TV who are talking about that. For example, I saw one which was talking about tigers and their disparition. And the reporters discovered that in China, there was many tigers hunted for their fur, bones and all that things. A lot of people know about this but what really few know is that all those things, especially furs are buyed just by the hight level soldiers and influent people from China. The governement which says that hunting tigers is illegal, just do what they forbid. And the sadliest thing is that they have breed tigers just like we breed cows or chicken waiting the time where selling tiger organs and so on will be legal. And if it happens the few tigers left will totally disapear because of hunting.

And I heard about New Zealand animals, and I find your country absolutly wonderful! ^v^ I wish I could travel there and that other countries do the same for their environment because this is really precious. If I remember right, Australia has the same problems with their unic species and the fact that pets kills the preys and the habitats of these unic animals. The fact that you care about that is something good because bigger countries sometimes don't pay attention to the nature which disapear a bit more evryday. I think that for that littler country really do better that some bigger ones. But then it always will depends on money… And who have this money…

I really wish you to prevent the animals of your country from instinction! And I wish others takes example on what you're doing because like you said, when a specie is gone, it often goes forever…

Thanks a lot for your message! I like to talk with other people from my point of view and their own point point of view! >v<
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Sora-DarkwingsStudent Traditional Artist
Your most welcome :D I can't get the level of realism like you can in digital art, and I look up to those who can ^-^
Ah yeah. It did seem one sided xD

I've heard there are still a few zoos like that out there. It's quite sad really. And I agree with the parks and reserves! Too many people care only for money or something of the sort, and not for nature, and so will take anything  they can. But Nature will always win in the end. 
I guess though that our Zoo is not that bad. I've only been to a couple, and the one here does try to walk some of their animals around each day, such as the cheetah's and the Elephant, as well as a few others, and swap animals around in the different enclosures. I have talked to people there and quite a lot of the Keepers have even said they rather the animals be out in the wild, than a zoo. 

That's really great to hear :D we don't get palm oil either, it's just a pain when it's under different names to get away with it
I've heard about Soja.. :/ 
Yeah. If we didn't have the hunters, and people destroying habitats, we probably wouldn't have as many zoos out there, and more reserves or them just left in the wild. 
I use to watch a lot of documentaries, but I don't watch a lot of TV now, so I am out of date with a lot of those kind of shows. But I have heard that there are more Tigers in captivity with people who have the license to look after them, than there are in the wild. I am not sure if that is true, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is

You will love it here :) there are some nice areas to go to, and we still have quite a bit of free land. We have the issue of people cutting down trees here, but in other areas they are re-planting to make up for the loss (Not happy about the cutting down of trees though). And yeah, Australia have a few species being killed by pets. Like their possums are protected over there as it's native. But here they are a pest as someone introduced them which is now slowly killing our animals on top of other issues. 
Yeah, for sure! If more people were aware of what is happening, maybe more will care for our planet. But money is always an issue. 

We are trying. And I am hoping next year I get accepted into this internship for becoming a keeper (I put my name down for birds), because I want t help our animals before its too late, and get more involved in conservations

That's alright ^-^ same here! It's really great getting to know more about people and how they see things. :D 
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MayVigProfessional General Artist
I'm like you! I deeply believe that nature will win in the end! ^^

I don't think at all that keepers love less animal than I or than other! I even think that they love them as much or even more than me but I guess we love them differently! ^v^
And that's a good thing that good people care about them because if I must choose between a keeper who loves the animals and one who don't like them, my choice will be very quick! xD

Yeah just like "vegetal oils" they say. But I want to say "wich one?" I also prefer eat biological foods because the carbon impact is sometimes less important. And they much more take care of the earth than other products.
I try not to believe evrything they said in these documentaries and find other sources to be sure that is true but yeah, when we look at the money it could generate, we easily can imagine that is true…

I came in Ireland this summer, I know it doesn't look like to New-Zealand but there's a lot of natural areas with so few people! And the landscapes over there are absolutly wonderful, the air is so pure and evrything has incredible colors! I think I totally fell in love of this country! ; v ;
Wow! I think I'd adore! >v< Oh I see, yeah cutting down trees is a real problem, in France we had a time where a lot of trees has been cutted down, it was a century ago, but for 50 years maybe, there's a lot of actions lik re-planting trees and forests even if we often have destructive storms which make a lot of damages…

I hope you'll can do this! >v< I'm sure you'll can take care of them! ^v^ I wish I could do that type of job but I think I'm definitly an artist! xD I couldn't live without drawing! ^^

So I wish you good luck! >v<
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Sora-DarkwingsStudent Traditional Artist
^-^ hehe yes. Because at the end of the day, we can't control an earthquake or tsunami. 

Exactly! Haha, most can't even say they have a favourite because they love them all, in their own way 
Oh yeah! Haha, I think it will be hard to find keepers who don't want to care for animals. But you never know, there could be some out there

"Vegetable oil" It lies!! Bleh, people don't realise what is in their food unless they found out and researched. An all these sprays on vegetables, and not sure if you have heard of monsanto, but that is going to kill us slowly. It already is D: Yeah. 
Always best to look it up at times if you want to be sure on things. Mhmm.. True that

Haha. I have never been there, I would love to though :D haha, I bet. Anywhere else you would like to go visit? 
It is. And trees take years to grow. But re-planting is really nice to see. I am not sure what it is like over seas with plants and trees, but I have some friends in America. And when I show them outside my window, they are somewhat amazed at the amount of trees and greenery outside my window. Haha. I don't believe our storms are as bad as other places, so that one is not so much an issue with us. We did have a bad storm earlier this year though..

Thank you :D and I hope I get it. I would love to help the animals as much as I can. Haha, I am an artist too, but I think I love looking after animals more. And you are amazing! Never stop drawing :D

Thankies ^-^
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MayVigProfessional General Artist
Oh yeah Monsanto is the death! O A O
When I hear about what they are doing I wonder how we could survive!

Yes, I've another dream, it's to go in Mongolia! I don't know why, I find this country wonderful, there's not a lot of trees but all these free areas without any human makes me dream! QvQ
I know this is a strange dream but I love this country! >v< And maybe in some countries in the north east of Europe because there's wonderful forests like in Norway and so on! >v<
Maybe you have some protective streams or something like that! ^v^

You're welcome! QvQ And thank you so much it toutches me a lot! ; v ;

You're welcome! >v<
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Sora-DarkwingsStudent Traditional Artist
Yeah. Monsanto is trying to get into NZ at the moment D: 
It's going to ruin a lot of things. People get sick and people could die from chemicals or from bad planting and not having back up seeds to make it through the year.. India was a good example of that.. :(

Ooh. I don't know much about Mongolia, but sounds interesting :) Haha, maybe one day the free areas could be your dream come true :D 
Not a strange dream at all ^-^ it would be really awesome though hehe
Haha, not sure :) I think some are, some not so much, but we are working our way to keep it clean :)

^-^ You're most welcome :D 
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MayVigProfessional General Artist
Yes I heard a little about all that mess, and it's truely horrible. I hope of all my heart that people will understand how it's dangerous and what could happened if they are evrywhere! :C

And there's a lot of horses and even wolves! ; v ;
I'm really passioned by that eh eh! xD
I also study Russian, I don't think I'll come in Russia one day, at least not now! xD But it's a really interesting country with a lot of diversity for the landscapes! ^^ Their tales are probably my favorites! >v< And they have such incredible artists! QvQ
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