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Kokoro Uzumaki BnHA OC
▮▮▮ Introductions
Name: Kokoro Uzumaki
Rōmaji: Uzumaki Kokoro
Alias: The Kind Child, Starfire
Age: 15 (First Appearance)
Birthdate: July 31st
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Japanese
Blood Type: O
Orientation: Heterosexual
Theme: Angel (Nightcore) - I’m in Love With an Angel
Unknown Parents: Her mother distorted her memories of family so she wouldn’t be able to track them down.
Unknown Grandparents
            ▮▮▮ Appearance
Rin is a girl of average height with an athletic built body with a moderate bust. What stands out the most of Rin is her skin, which she inherited from her father. Her skin is a dark gray in color with pupil-less black eyes to compliment. Her hair is black and stringy, with no body to it whatsoever so she tends to leave it be, allowing it to roam free. Normally Rin can be found running around in an unmodified school uniform but sporting her s
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Kayla Lovegood
My Hero Academia OC Template: by saffiracore
Name: Kayla Lovegood
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Sexual Orientation: straight
Occupation: Hero Student
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 62 kilo
Hair: a bright pink with neon green accents. Usually cut in a short Bob.
Eye Color: cyan and usually has a almond shape
Skin Color: beige toned chocolate
Nationality: originally a American but now adjusting to Japan
School: U. A. Highschool
Year: 1st
Distinguishing Features: has a mole to the left and below her left eye. Also has a six pack due to vigorous exercise.
Hero Profile
Hero Name: Gamer
Costume: a copy of Sora's clothes from Kingdom Hearts 3
Quirk: Mode Switch
Weapons: various weapons limited to swords, axes, hammers, thrown weapons, a single whip, and blade skates.
Gadgets/Tech: various light arm
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Mature content
Quirkless, not Powerless. :iconmayumiofthecherokee:mayumiofthecherokee 0 0
pay my for project assistance
I love helping others while saving their money for what they need most. Helping others is a big priority when it comes to my life. It makes me very happy to be able to help others in any way possible.
Since I personally know how expensive aids for any project can be I've decided to assist others for a low payment.
For 1 week it is $1.25 or 100 pt.
For 2 weeks it is $2.50 or 200pt.
For 3 weeks it is $4 or 420pt.
For one month it is $6 or 480pt.
This is the true price in points since $5 = 400 pt when bought on this site.
My morals demand that I given you fair prices of equal value instead of making the price more expensive to encourage monetary payment. I know it is sometimes hard to get money for payments so I try to consider that and your needs as much as possible.
My expertise lay with English and Reading classes as well as creative writing and projects though I am willing to negotiate should I feel that I won't have the best quality in certain topics.
I did, however, pass my ACT test
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Harry at Camp Halfblood
Harry smiles a little as he stares at the snowflakes.
It is the winter after the Final Battle with him and Harry couldn’t help feeling the need to get away for a while. So now he is here in America, near the place the Wizards know as Camp Halfblood. Sensing someone dying again he rends a nearby shadow before exiting one not too far from a group of obvious demigods. A black haired youth, who looks about 14, stands several feet away. He looks sadly and lonely.
“You know what is going on?” Harry asks as he approaches him. The kid whirls toward him, already swinging his sword, bringing the attention of the group to them.
Catching the blade between two fingers he gives the kid a disappointed look. “Seriously, Kid? Attacking a person for asking a simple question is rude.” Harry sees the kid’s eyes narrow.
“I’ve never seen you before, you might be with the titans.” Harry blinks before pulling out his wand and casting a brief charm to make
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Servamp Character Template
Servamp Character Template
--- Basic Info ---
Gender: male/female/?
Sexual orientation:
--- Characteristics ---
-different colors can mean different characteristics, like red is a villainic eye color
-different hair colors can mean diffrent characteristic too: blonde is usually energetic and kind, red is overenergetic and too friendly, and shameless. Brown means mature. Black mysterious and silver is godlike, or with strong powers. Also hairstyles represents characteristics too: spikey -> energetic, long without any extras, accessories-> often means shy or average -> short hair with girls can mean they're tomboys, and braided/bunned hair often represents maturity.
Unusual Features:
Does he/she have scars, different eyecolors, or a missing a limb? Does he/she have a special accessory?
--- Appearance ---
Elementary school:
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Original Zanpakuto Template 4 Fanon Shinigami
Original Zanpakuto Template for Bleach Fanon Shinigami
~ Melee (Designed for many types of Armed Combat instead of Kido Combat);
~ Kido (Spells are a part of the weapon’s abilities);
~ Elemental (While this could be considered a Kido type there are way too many elements to completely focus on them being Kido thus they have their own branch.)
~ [Melee: long range; close range; middle range; a variation of the three.]
~ [Kido: projectile type (it may fire beams of energy or even be composed of hundreds of arts that fly and attack at their master’s will.) Defense type (these primarily rely on defensive kido and can be great use when you are constantly being battered.) Poison type (Designed to create and use poisonous attacks.) Energy Manipulation type (These basically can absorb, deflect or reflect energy attacks such as Cero and Kido based attacks.) Illusion type (These are ones that distort a person’s perception via illusions.]
~ [Elemental: Fire; Ice; E
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Item/Weapon/Equipment/Aromor Creation Template
Magic Item Creation Template
Difference Between Brand Names Of Object
(Used to make more interesting.)
(Make one copy of the following for each imaginary brand.)
Crafter: (The Crafter could be anyone from a Runesmith, a Dwarf, or a Ninja The Crafter is liable to use what goods they have at hand.)
Appearance Difference: (This could be anything form different colors, sizes, shapes or even a completely different look. It could also constitute a different material used to make the item.)
Style Difference: (This could be simple things. But what is generall meant could make a large difference. An example is an anime drawing and a realistic draweing: These are two different styles that come to mind.)
Quality: (This could be anywhere from garbage to Nigh Epic. It just depends on if you want a plot hook to be in the form of a much neede dweapon breaking in the middle of battle.)
Duribility: (This might be c
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Harry Potter Family Template
--- Family Informations ---
Family name: -Surname of your Family-
Family head: -name of the current head of the Family-
Important/notable members:
-members besides the Family head who are notable-
Family politics:
-Describe the politics of your Family. Like what kind of relationship they have with the Minister, or the leader of the country. Describe what they think is important within the Family and their traditions-
Distant Families Related:
-Families that have different name yet are related by blood however distant-
Enemy families:
-Families that have opposite goals that seem to hinder the goals of the family-
-Families that always try to discredit the family-
Rival families:
-Rivals in different skills related to the family who keep trying to outclass their family-
Family alliance:
-which country they loyal too and which Familys they have alliance with-
-(Own Family)
-(Other Famil{ies})
-(Shops/Businesses/Industries... Ex: Ministry of Magic)
Family w
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▮▮▮ Introductions

Name: Kokoro Uzumaki

Rōmaji: Uzumaki Kokoro

Alias: The Kind Child, Starfire

Age: 15 (First Appearance)

Birthdate: July 31st

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Ethnicity: Japanese

Blood Type: O

Orientation: Heterosexual

Theme: Angel (Nightcore) - I’m in Love With an Angel


Unknown Parents: Her mother distorted her memories of family so she wouldn’t be able to track them down.

Unknown Grandparents

            ▮▮▮ Appearance

Rin is a girl of average height with an athletic built body with a moderate bust. What stands out the most of Rin is her skin, which she inherited from her father. Her skin is a dark gray in color with pupil-less black eyes to compliment. Her hair is black and stringy, with no body to it whatsoever so she tends to leave it be, allowing it to roam free. Normally Rin can be found running around in an unmodified school uniform but sporting her signature gloves.

The main part of Kokoro's hero costume, which remains unchanged in the future, is the words Love and Hope written across the back of her Kimono. She wears her typical beige gloves along with detached sleeves that are held up with spiked white and black metal bands with a matching one around her neck. She also wears large Beige boots that have a silver buckle in the back.

Her casual clothes are an oversize sweater over a tank top and a pair of jeans. She also loves wearing simple jewelry, though she does accept any jewelry from friends and wear it at least once, the amount of time worn is variable depending on how much she likes the person.

Kokoro mostly wears neutral colors, though her favorite is beige.

           ▮▮▮ Personality

Kind ⋄ Stubborn ⋄ Reckless ⋄ Happy ⋄ Dedicated ⋄ Athletic ⋄ Empathetic ⋄ Genuine

Kokoro is a such a kind and empathetic person that she has recklessly put herself in the path of bullies to help those weaker than her while in school. Despite being hurt by many of those people she has forgiven them and is genuinely happy to see them when she finds that they are doing good and have become better behaved and is genuine enough to bluntly mention it. Most of her teachers have told her to stop doing thus but her stubborn, dedicated self continues. She is also into martial arts, which has gained her a six pack on her abs. She is usually doing everything she can to help others and, due to the abuse from fellow students for being a teachers pet, she has learned to spot abused children, even if they aren’t abused by their own peers.

✔ Raspberries
✔ warm weather
✔ milkshakes/ice cream
✔ exercising
✔ birds
✔ sharing with others
✔ making others happy

✘ bullies
✘ public restrooms
✘ spicy foods
✘ pumpkin spice anything
✘ sour foods
✘ seeing others abused and not being able to help.

Fears: Though Kokoro isn't a very fearful person, her fears all revolve around one thing and that is her her loved ones. Her ultimate fear is one that many people have. She fears that she will loose her loved ones and friends like she lost her family thanks to accidentally killing using her quirk to enhance an attribute of her baby sister. Her baby sister died from over inflation due to being stuffed by food.

           ▮▮▮ Background

Kokoro grew up with her parents until the age of four. When she turned four she accidentally caused her baby sister to die of engorgement. Her parents, angry with her and know that her grandparents would only allow her to be their heir, skipping over both parents all together, they decided to wait until her grandparents died to claim her estate. In the end her mother used her quirk, Memory Distortion, to utterly destroy her memories of happy times. After that she was told what happened and moved into a House that her grandparents paid for. Her grandparents, on both sides of the family, were famous industrial CEOs of major companies. In the end the four companies each of them owned merged into one.

Her grandparents, thankfully, found her and adopted her. When her grandmother, the last of her grandparents, was on her deathbed, she paid for Kokoro to be emancipated. The nine year old was beside her when she died and she mourned. Her parents promptly tried to claim custody of her and Kokoro told the police that she didn’t know them and what she had been told by her grandmother. The two were arested, but only after they tried to torture her into giving it to them. When she told them that she willed her money to the orphanage her mother tried to distort her memories again, somehow she became so enraged she enhanced her scream, knocking them unconscious and summoning All Might to free her. Thankfully, due to her money, she was able to pay for her once red-tan skin to be bleached to hide the scars. With her constantly enhancing her healing the knots of her scars vanished, but the coloration is still there when you look hard enough.

Kokoro, after being home-schooled for so long, decided to go to a regular middle school upon her first chance. She seen how unfair most children were, how most of them were awfully similar to her parents in personality. She seen that they were being taught wrong and she defended those children bullied by their fellow peers. It usually results in her going to the hospital from broken bones. What unnerved others was when she thanked the bullies for not hurting her friends. Those she defended usually help her with everything, especially since they are so grateful.

Kokoro, when the rumors that she wanted to go to Yuuei Academy flew around, was instantly sent to the Kendo and Martial Arts Clubs by her friends. They also piled their resources together to get her a smaller scythe, one that she had seen in a store that one of their parent’s owned. Eventually she learned something she calls a battle dance with her Scythe. It is plan, and has a chain attached to the base of the blade, but she is able to use it well.

Today though, she is going to attend the Yuuei Entrance Exam. Mostly consisting of fighting robots.

            ▮▮▮ Hero Profile

Status: Alive

Occupation: Student

Affiliation: U.A. High School

Department: Department of Heroes

Year and Class: 1-A

Quirk: Absolute Enhancement

Quirk Type: Emitter

Quirk Range: All Ranges

Kokoro’s quirk allows her to enhance anything. Attributes such as beauty and kindness, Physical traits and abilities, the mind in general, and other people’s quirks and stamina.

She can only use her quirk on living beings.
She can only put two people in Enhancement Zone at a time, any more and the other’s Enhancemetn Zones begin to weaken
The longest she can make someone stay in Enhancement Zone is an hour. Any longer and the enhancement begins weakening.


Power: 5/5 A
Speed: 2/5 D
Technique: 3/5 C
Intelligence: 5/5 A
Cooperativeness: 4/5 B
Leadership: 4/5 B
Stamina: 3/5 C
Physical Strength: 1/5 E


Kimono: This is purely for Decoration.

Boots:  The soles of her boots are equipped with shock absorbing cushions that keep Kokoro's feet comfortable and make it easier for her to run for longer periods of time. Plus they're just super comfy!

Kimono Sleeves: Large fabric that covers her arms and hides a hidden capturing weapon. Lined on the inside is a cloth-like equipment made from carbon fibers and special metal alloy; the same weapon that Aizawa uses in battle. This is to help Kokoro capture her targets after putting them to sleep.

Scythe: A basic looking, smaller than usual scythe, with a staff that reaches at just four feet and a three foot crescent blade.
I'm going to do about 10 prompts for free but I am planning on different word counts costing more/less.

Also, I'm going to reduce charges for favorite characters being involved as a coupling or as the main character.

I don't like sad stories so they will cost a little more.

I refuse to do rape scenes.

I'll do NSFW but it will cost more.

I'll do male gay/slash/yaoi stories for 5% more price.

I'll do femslash, elesbian, etc. for 10% more unlike the guy version (not too familiar with female slash to be truthful.)

Anything else to be considered in the pricing would be appreciated if you also gave suggestions for them.
Hello everyone. I'm hoping to get some art so I've decided to use my strongest talent to do so while making others happy.

I often write a lot of stories, most are unposted since I am so self critical.


Anything goes. Even nsfw stories prompts are accepted.

Don't demand me to hurry. It takes some time just like drawings do.

Please use manners and be polite to me and those who respond to my post.

If it isn't listed as something I write for please ask...

Expect to negotiate word minimum and picture size/style. (Chibi, full body, half body, head shot, etc.)



Harry Potter

Bleach the anime


Twilight series

Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power

My Hero Academia/Boko no Hiro Academia

Others I can't think of off the top of my head.…

These are the rules. Please give constructive criticism and feel free to comment or ask for a sample. I don't mind doing about 5 or so samples.
Hello everyone. I know most of you who love reading usually are looking for new stories in various fandoms. I have most of my stories under mayumiofthercherokee and yukimoriofthecherokee on on and both again on Archive of Our Own.

Prices will be negotiated

Only those who pay half upfront will be written for.

Almost anything goes, even smut, which isn't my best I admit.

Ask if you are curious.

Ask about my fandoms I am willing to write for or ask about one.

As of today I am writing short stories, making charts, and creating descriptions of original characters for those who are interested. I can also write better and longer should you create more of what I need.


1st: Be patient, for most of you who are avid writers you know that patience is a virtue you wish for so please have the sense to be patient for others too.
2nd: If we can't compromise on what we do between us I will not accept any art trades.
3rd: If you want to do beyond what is our deal says then I don't mind. I'll try to give back if I see you worked extensively.
4th: Be willing to talk over notes, I want the whole deal hashed out before either of us start working, as that makes it more fair.
5th: Only favorite or like IF YOU WANT TO, I don't require that kind of thing as I find it a little troublesome to keep up with. though there will be some of you who do so anyway so thank you if you do, I'll try to give you a Llama if you mention it.
6th: You need to get the basic concept of the cards on the Internet Game 'Wizard101' as these will be based on the concept that I will be using for a fanfiction.
7th: You need to be willing to let me use what is created in a fanfiction of my choosing.


~Rolling Dice Number options to help with creator concepts
~Templates (Needs a little more time depending on the topic.)
~Character Conceptions
~Place Conceptions
~Object Conceptions
~Species Conceptions
~Pet/Familiar Conceptions
~Weapon Conceptions


~Mecha Concepts (I don't watch that stuff and I don't really understand it.)


At least three homebrew cards based off those of Wizard101 with a magic theme. The cards need the following format...

creature/object/place based theme (Individual themes for each of the cards)
duration (If it applies)
Affinities (Same classes as Wizard101)
method of effect (How it moves, acts, etc.)
Method of Creature/Object/Place appearance (How they come to the card caster)

maximum and a minimum to be agreed upon<div>


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