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Clematica Kutsuten _Icon_ by xxBrokenRozexx
Our Journey
I LOVE YOU by LikeAFountain
Ran Matsuyuki by Shuni22
Nine Puzzle
Nagatacho Strawberry
Welcome by JengaPrincess
Nagatacho by Miuray
Tamasaburo by Finchan
Ichinose Hime by random-tan
Peter Pan Syndrom
Where was it, again? by angels-kay
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Momo - Little Devil - by Hou-ou


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Group Info

This is a group, only for all Mayu Sakai fans.
I'm happy, that YOU find us and become a member in our community.

Here you can find the works from her. All series are initially serialized in Ribon before being published in tankōbon volumes by Shueisha
-Puraimaru Orenji (プライマル·オレンジ?, lit. Primal Orange)
-Gogatsu Shōjo (五月少女?, lit. Girl in May)
-Boku Tachi no Tabi (ボクたちの旅?, lit. Our Journey)
-Purachina (プラチナ?, lit. Platinum )
-Ichigo Namida (イチゴナミダ?)
-Jū-ni-gatsu no Maria (12月のマリア?)
-Nain Pazuru (ナインパズル?, Nine Puzzle)
-Nagatachō Sutoroberī (永田町ストロベリィ?)
-Boku ha Mahou ga Tsukaenai (ぼくは魔法が使えない?, Boku wa Mahou ga Tsukaenai)
-Beibī, Feiku*Fā (ベイビー、フェイク*ファー?, lit. Baby, Fake*Fur)
-Pītā Pan Shindorōmu (ピーターパン♠症候群?)
-Ou-sama to Ouji-sama to Watashi. (王様と王子様と私.?)
-Endoresu Māchi (エンドレス·マーチ?, lit. Endless March)
-Rokkin★Hebun (ロッキン★ヘブン?, Rockin' Heaven)
-Buraun Gaden Eki (ブラウン·ガーデン駅?, lit. Brown Garden Station
-Kimi no Sekai no Sukuikata (キミの世界の救い方?)
-ACTUALLY MOMO Shūmatsu Teien he Youkoso (MOMO 終末庭園へようこそ?, Momo: Welcome to the World-end Garden or in German Momo- little devil)

I hope, that we all become friends and a wonderful community.
And now, have fun ;3~

Das ist eine Gruppe für alle Mayu Sakai-Fans.

Zu ihren Werken gehören:
Our Journey
Nine Puzzle
Nagatcho Strawberry
Peter Pan Syndrom
Rockin' Heaven
und ihr neustes Werk: MOMO-Little Devil

Ich hoffe wir werden eine freundliche und fröhliche Gruppe.
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Jan 4, 2011


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