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After All: An Original Series, Chapter 2 :iconmaythestarsevershine:MaytheStarsEvershine 3 4
After All: An Original Series, Chapter 1
It was in the afternoon, the scent of the feast goods and the evergreen tree filled the house.
Mrs. Jane Meritt was with her daughter, rehearsing on the piano inside the music room. The two were dressed extravagantly, the mother was dressed in a long dark green gown with a black bow tied on her back; the young girl was dressed in a white dress with red, blue and yellow embroidered flowers at the edge of the skirt.  "You're doing very well but you must catch up with your singing to the tune.." She reminded as she reset the metronome sitting on the top of the grand piano.
"How many times must we rehearse, mother? I don't think they're even going to pay attention!" Maye asked tiredly, her arm resting on the piano top and her head settled on her angled arm, careful that she does not lay a hand on her rolled up hair.
Her mother sighed, "As much as you need to until you get it perfect! You know that we have important guests coming over and we must make a good impression"
"Am I going to
:iconmaythestarsevershine:MaytheStarsEvershine 1 3
After All: An Original Series, Prolouge
It was the winter of 1928, just a day away from Christmas. The Meritt Family was inside their medium sized home along with their staff of seven servants scurrying to prepare the upcoming feast tomorrow.
Mrs. Jane Meritt, the angel and keeper of the household supervised the cooking of her senior servants. Meanwhile, the rest of the servants were either washing the dishes, the clothes and linens, or cleaning and setting up the house.
Little Maye Meritt, the child of the house, sat on a small embroidered couch just across the lush and tall evergreen tree. On her lap was a Little Folks Painting book that was gifted by her uncle a few months ago when he visited them after his three year long stay in Spain and on her hand, was a brandishing new set of colored pencils.
Although the book was meant to be painted, little Maye thought of experimenting with whatever she could have access to as of currently.
She had painted her book inside her father's study quarters the other day and left her pain
:iconmaythestarsevershine:MaytheStarsEvershine 4 6


Dick Plant 1 by copperrein
Mature content
Dick Plant 1 :iconcopperrein:copperrein 5 14
Immortal Saga - Chloe - Chapter One
    HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF ALSTON TECHNOLOGIES ? Of course, you have. You surely know Christopher Alston, CEO and face of A-Tech. You probably imagine that he is the brain that thinks about all these wonderful pieces of technologies, like the first ever space shuttle, pretty much every space station in the solar system, or the total renewal of modern society by using a revolutionary clean energy production method and that he basically is Elon Musk or Tony Stark. What if I told you Christopher Alston was a fraud, that he never invented a single thing, But that his daughter, me, did all the work.
    I’m Chloe Alston. Daughter of the richest man on the planet, the luckiest man in the world to have a daughter like me. I’m chief of R&D at Alston Tech. And I’m the one that came up with all his wonderful ideas that changed the world and made him rich.
    Somehow, I always knew how to use and put tech to
:iconzaapfin0:Zaapfin0 3 2
Destiny - Prologue
It was silent.
It was the type of silence that hung over a graveyard on a cloudy and gloomy day, when the sky is filled with fog and when dead flowers and leaves lay on the weathered gravestones.
It was the type of silence that meant the presence of death was near.
The young man drew in quick and shallow breaths with his back against a tree. Snow was falling heavily down on him. The cold, icy wind sent chills down his spine. He heard snow crunching and dead twigs snapping, which grew louder and louder by the seconds.
He sucked a lungful of cold air and swallowed a lump in his throat. The night sky seemed to grow darker as clouds covered the stars. His legs buckled. He felt so weak, as if all the energy in his body was being sucked out of him.
Well, that was exactly what was happening.
"I know you're here, Jack," a low, rough voice said, sounding more like a hungry wolf's growl rather than a human being. Out of the corner of his eye, Jack spotted black, shadowy ten
:iconbeginneratart:Beginneratart 17 35
I'd like to...
I'd like to tear apart
Every inch of your  
Foolish security
I'd like to bring you
With me
Into the obscurity
I'd like to fuck
Your insane innocence
And watch it sink
In its own world
I'd like to burn
Your sacred soul
So that you could fall
Into the unknown
:iconfearverse:Fearverse 5 8



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Artist | Student | Literature
Just an amateur hobbyist passing through..
(btw my profile picture is not made by me)
If you were expecting a bio of everything about me then you certainly are not getting that.

I'll give one clue though..

My favorite color is pink.


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Beginneratart Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I found this post on showing v. telling and thought it outlined it pretty well. Maybe it could help:…
The other posts on the blog are useful too. They even have a system for you to organise your story. The free version is limited, but it's handy if you're unsure about where you're going with your story. 
MaytheStarsEvershine Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2018  Student Writer
Sorry for the really late reply! I haven't been here for quite a while 
Thank you so much for the suggestion! I'm sure that it will help me write a little more better.

You are quite right on some things, I haven't been able to write much since I just can't seem to make a simple scene sound interesting enough (atleast to my low-ass standards).
Beginneratart Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Nah it's alright! Glad it'll help! 

And ah okay. Just practice descriptive writing! if you want a hilarious way to practice this just search up 'cambridge IGCSE prompts' or something lol, our teacher asks us to do that
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