Two weeks for Artisan Crafts

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The next two weeks at projecteducate will be all about Artisan Crafts.  
When we first asked the community for help to write articles for this project we were mind-blown by the positive response, so many answered to our call that we had to book two weeks instead of the regular one week event! 

Here is the schedule for the upcoming Artisan Crafts awesomeness that is about to go down. Please note that certain articles may change at the last minute due to some members having to step down. 

Also, stay tuned for a really fun contest announcement this afternoon.



Two weeks for Artisan Crafts!

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Peter-The-Knotter's avatar
gotta catch 'em all.....+fav 
Peter-The-Knotter's avatar
Dance! this is so shiny!....Dance! 
Arasiyris's avatar
These look really interesting!
argentinian-queen's avatar
I'm currently finalizing the tutorials so I can start to assemble the article this very afternoon!!! :dance:
maytel's avatar
Perfect! Please don't forget to send me the article so that I can proofread it :D
Nightstar1231's avatar
Yay! Embroidery and Cross Stitching!
Brookette's avatar
:thumbsup: working on it! Excited about reading the others too!
BluestOfBirds's avatar
My article is almost done :happybounce:
I'm also covered in powdered sugar and food coloring :stare:
synconi's avatar
LadyBrookeCelebwen's avatar
Awesome! I can't wait to see all the articles. :D
fractalbeauty25's avatar
Love the diversity here and can't wait for all the awesomeness that will be out soon!! :la:
SongThread's avatar
this will be AWESOME!
SkillZombie's avatar
Wow, I'm looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds. :)
ElyneNoir's avatar
Lady-Compassion's avatar
This shall be an awesome set of two things galore.....and several crafts I have not looked into before now...:iconwinnerplz:
Glori305's avatar
An article, on embroidery, by tomorrow?!?! Ok, just kidding, have it done and proof read and ready to post.
maytel's avatar
LOL!!! don't give me a heart attack :faint:
digikijo's avatar
This is going to be so awesome :iconrockonplz:
DarkAngelYoshi's avatar
Anoya's avatar
I can't wait! :excited:
TheOwl68's avatar
:faint: I'm in trouble~ Good thing I'm due for carpal tunnel surgery soon, it'll slow me down along with my current affliction of my damn hands falling asleep for no apparent reason. :giggle:
Talty's avatar
YAY I can't wait for all of them! :iconexplodelaplz:
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