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The overall piece is pretty good. The anatomy is a bit off with the leg and hand proportions. The eyepatch looks a tad out of place wit...


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(Just going to throw in an animated Billy the Goat who belongs to Hepoth :P)
Billy The Animated Goat by Maystrine

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I'm a 16 year old hooman. I draw with Gimp and Artstudio Lite (I can only have tree layers with that program :P). I'm a furry and I draw anthros.. Yeah..

My official fursona: Cora (My New Main Fursona) by Maystrine

I have many ideas for comics and stories but i need to develop them.

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I know I've been dead for a few moths has I took an unofficial hiatus. With the four nor'easters hitting us hard in the USA, my anxiety finally making me lose my nerve, stress, etc it just got to me. I've also been artistically drained but I'm back and I'll try to do better now. I just wrote a journal but it deleted the original journal of this before it uploaded :P I'm going to be brief because.. Idk.

First off, getting back into deviantart will take time so please be patient with me has I get back into the swing of things.

Second, If there's anything I need to do please tell me. I've kind of forgotten everything.

Third, Expect more people drawings since I've improved on them and I might post some stuff soon.

And the big announcement.. During my break I was given the task to write a 3 pages short story for my creative writing class has a final essay. I wrote 18 pages... I then decided to keep writing and now I got 45 pages. It's based off a world that I made up has a child (I drew furries as a child too). I really want to post chapters 1-3 (starting with only 1 first since it's really long) and I want people to comment telling me if I need to fix anything. I'm only saying it's based on my deep hatred of prophecy stories and it features anthropomorphic animals. I think I might post the first chapter tomorrow has a test. I will edit the original paper then the deviantart version so both will be up to date.
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Rosaline Reference Sheet (Arcanus)
So I’ve drawn this girl before but I didn’t have a reference. Now I've created a reference for her. This is her official big reference for now. The background is here:

I might add more to this in the future. It depends if I need to add anything (like a friends, family, and enemies list). There might be spelling errors (my phone was acting up and auto correcting things that were already correct like but-became-burn, more-became-Mooney, it-became-isn't, does-becomes-doesn't, etc). I want to mention I spent hours on this description and I'm really proud of the results in her reference and description.

If you guys have any ideas on what I should do with her or add let me know! She's open to having acquaintances and friends (friends who inhabit the temple) or even enemies (like gangs 'nd shit). Feel free to ask questions about her too!

Also I might be interested in designing free arcanus MYO's for people or taking arcanus armor/weapon commissions/requests (of all ranks) let me know if any of you guys would be interested.


Rosaline's arcanus registration number: 183


Home location:    Rose lives in a shallow cavern that is woven with a network of caves connecting to each other. This cavern is located near the northern mountain range. Her location points south towards the grasslands. Her actual home is located deep within the cavern in the biggest part of the cave with an opening that lets in sunlight. She owns a medium sized temple that is overgrown with plants. An underground stream that surfaces in the pocket cave from the mountain tops aids in watering the plants. Rose’s temple is constructed in a way to let all possible sunlight in. Rose actually didn’t build the temple but found it out of sheer luck, abandoned and emptied, 10 years ago and has lived in it since. So after attempting to fix whatever was broken and cleaning up the place by creating or acquiring her own decorations and painting it over to make it more presentable. Rose even constructed smaller caves to become smaller gardens for space convenience.

     There are four flours to it. The first flour contains Multiple potted plants within it. Her best examples of her flower work, standard stuff like chairs and tables too. Small streams of water flow through the temple floors (symmetrically). Sunlight hits it and causes the room to be illuminated. The second flour is sectioned off into four rooms connected by a hall. The original purpose is completely unknown but Rose suspects they were once bedrooms. She’s merely using them for extra storage. On the top floor is the master bedroom. Rose’s personal sleeping area and keeps journals of her progress in her search for the most efficient of her plants. It is to be noted there is a balcony where she can look upon her garden. The basement floor is interesting. Its where she’s keeps her supply of herbs and powder or even sometimes keeps blood there (briefly, never more than 24 hours).

     Usually Rosaline would have to leave the temple almost daily to attain her meals. She’s usually goes out hunting around her home and returns shortly after. Usually without encountering other arcanuses.


Rosaline’s backstory:     Rosaline grew up from the south mountain range that’s parallel to her current place in the northern mountain with her family (who often kept to themselves). Her village was plagued by gangs that wanted control over each other. Throughout her young years she has met regular arcanuses and live among them. Rose even had personal conflicts with the gangs. Usually discovering more about herself during them. Rose ranked up to a soldier during a conflict and the same thing happened with a rank up to her knight status. Rose has met stray corrupt arcanuses. She often ends up fighting them or arguing with them. She felt somewhat bad for them. Rose wishes to be able to help them from their plight. She heard of the Evil King Hidan and agrees with some of his points. While she doesn’t go out of her way to protest the gods. After growing up around conflict she feels like the gods only create more problems than solving.


Rosaline’s Personality:     Rose is vain and petty. Rose is also very lonely most of the time. She lives in isolation and talks to her plants sometimes or talks to her reflection. Rose is very active and impulsive. She sometimes makes rushed decisions without taking the consequences into account. Usually her impulsive nature can put her into dangerous situations but she manages to pull through. Rose is very bold with her approach to social situations and often instigates the dangerous situation that she gets into. Equipped with a dark sense of humor she sometimes makes inappropriate jokes in inappropriate times.

     She’s not shy and usually will share her unwanted opinions with everyone else. Rose is not bossy by any means, but she can be pushy with certain subjects. She can be manipulative and she can lie really well. Rose is also romantic and a flirtatious arcanus to an extent. She’s a seductress by all means and uses herself to get what she wants. She has a limit on how far she’ll go to attain her goals (usually her limit is nuzzling someone and cuddling with them). Usually when her limit is breached she tends to become blatantly impatient and gets immensely agitated and it becomes obvious that she is annoyed. Rose generally is very impatient and looks for the quickest meathod possible to achieve her goals. Even when some of her plots backfires she looks for the easiest way out. She gets paranoid easily especially whenever someone finds her temple. She has a slightly sadistic side to her and she becomes envious and fearful of higher ranking arcanuses. Rose is incredibly ambitious has well in achieving her goals.

     On a side note Rosaline usually has her fan covering her mouth unless she's really drunk.


Rose’s Nature Power and Ultimate Goal:     Rosaline’s nature element allows her to grow plants. She’s a breeder of plants and seeks for the most efficient specimen of her plants. She has two main breeds that she’s created herself. 5 years before she merely bred flower she based on looks and sold them until she realized they could be used for other purposes. Each have different methods on how they’re grown. Nobody but her knows their names (since she made them and they are only found in her temple).

-Rigus: pronounced rye-gus. A tall odorless budding flower that has a drooped stem with long narrow leaves that are found near the base of the plant. Heights range from 45 centimeters to 121 centimeters. This plants’ bulb collects sunlight during the day and glows dimly in the dark at night. The bulbs come in different colors and glow that particular color. They reproduce sexually by releasing pollen (that also glows in the dark) during the night time in early spring. The nights they do reproduce the plant bulbs will open to reveal a yellow head and the stems face upwards. The bulbs peel back like bananas. The pollen isn’t extremely sensitive to any breezes and will go flying. These plants generally need a lot of sunlight and water - they aren’t unaffected by blood.

-Amleic Rose: pronounced aim-lick row-s. A thorned bush with multiple flower seeds poking out from the shapeless mass. The plants take the form of surrounding objects. The leaves and vines are a dark dull green with a slightly brighter and more saturated green thorns. The flowers are a pastel-esk pink resembling Rose a bit. The middle part of the flower contains no plant sex organs but a small blue center. The petals resemble a rose but unlike a rose the petals fan out to create a flat flower top. The petals are silky and delicate - easy to rip off. They reproduce asexually by cutting off smaller sections of the bush so that piece could root itself and become a different plant. The standard flower heads can be crushed and made into a pulp that heals minor wounds (it takes about 10 flowers to create an adequate potion). They are hugely affected by blood. The increase of blood take for the plant increases the potency of the pulp and its abilities while it takes little amounts of foreign blood to increase productivity of a single flower there can be a couple of hundreds of flowers on a single plant. Rose has tried her own blood before but it only kills the plant. Rosaline would often skin any meat she caught in front of her Amleic Roses. Arcanus blood immensely speeds up the process (especially with higher rank arcanuses including corrupt), but even with that sometimes her most prized bushes die due to secretly strangling each other (or even itself sometimes) to death and she has to start over again. She tries focus her attention to certain bushes that show promise. She hopes that they will become the ideal bush and she could take its clippings to lower the usage of blood. One could tell how powerful the individual flowers were by their scent and size. The bigger and more pungent the smell, the stronger the plant was. Rose can manipulate the plant so mentally, forcing them to move and bend to her will. She can force a bush to pop a clipping off or to grow a certain way. Rose could also make the bush grab something with a vine. She has to be present to do this however. Rose cannot use the roses to heal herself, it has no effect on her.

     Rosaline strives to achieve perfection with her two main species. Rigus is specifically designed to be able to illuminate pathways at night time - All Rose has to do with this species is to make the bulb brighter. With the Amleic Roses she strives to create a powerful medication that could possible be blood independent and could save lives. She believes the sacrifices used to achieve her goals couldn’t hold a candle to all the potential good they can do. She honors them by hiding grey tombstones (with no names) throughout her garden. Sometimes when she need some blood and if it’s convenient she’ll go out and find any battle field with corpses or blood. She tries to collect the blood in the neatest way possible so she doesn’t get her robe bloody. She’s only killed about 4 arcanuses herself during the last 5 years and gained the rest of the blood from other sources. The reasons why the plants don't spread from the cavern is because the length from her gardens and the outside world is just a bit to far to reach for any seeds or bush tumbles unless someone moves them.


Rosaline’s Doubtful Resolution:     After all this time isolated within her own world of plants. The thoughts of “is this even possible? Were those sacrifices meaningless?” Grew. She began to doubt her abilities. She wanted to help others but was this morally right? Sacrificing a few for a thousand? She began to feel a deep aching of guilt inside her. It keeps calling to her and refers to her has a murderer with the threat of corruption. It whispers that she is nothing more than a knight, that she can’t preform miracles or make something that powerful no matter how many she sacrifices and that she is merely wasting time. No one else alive knows of her plot. Even going out to collect already dead peoples’ blood made her sick. She's getting tired of listening to that side of herself.

     Then she hears another side of her whisper that what she’s doing will benefit others in the long run, even if she does become corrupt or if the obsession ends up being the death of her. The research could be beneficial to someone who comes across it can could achieve her ultimate dream. She wants someone to validate her efforts and even considers cleaning up the second floor to possibly lend the rooms out. She’s looking for a higher ranked arcanus who has a nature element that could possibly pull this off and believe in Rosaline's intentions, but she would take in almost anyone who understands her plight and pure intentions (she'd take in anyone even if they're corrupt or normal).


Rose's 'Bud'dies:     During the time that she is actually away from the plants (not including hunting) she usually spends it in a grassland village that is only a few hours walk to and from. She hangs out at the bar most of the time and has a few acquaintances including the bar tender and some of the villagers. She hangs out with traveling strangers sometimes. She usually loves being out in the town but she doesn't know anyone that well to consider them friends. Rose uses this time to listen to gossip among other groups, listening for any battles nearby of if someone would dare enter her cave. She's pretty welcoming to strangers and usually wishes them safe traveling.


Where Rose's Paranoia Started:    She wasn't usually paranoid or anxious that much has a pup. It basically all started when one day 5 years ago when Rosaline was out on a difficult hunting trip (this was during the time where the Amleic flowers were initially establishing themselves has a breed of flower that has healing properties. She was gone for a few hours when some mysterious arcanus entered the caver and discovered the temple Rose usually resided in. During the time she was gone the arcanus picked a few Amleic buds (around 15) and left - almost everything else was untouched oddly. Once Rose got to her temple it took her a two days to realize that some flower heads were missing in the pink, brown heaps. She was using her power to make them move and grow in a different location when something was off with it. She inspected her pant and realized that some bud heads had been chopped off. During that realization she recognized small drops of dried blood on the thorns and on the ground next to the plant. Taking a sniff it smelled like a faint arcanus scent, the scent hasn't been recognized until now due to the more powerful fresher scent of her kill that she brought in. Looking below she witnessed the bud closest to the drips of blood had a more pungent scent and was significantly larger than the rest. Plucking it gently She realized that it had the strength of 10 flowers combined. 10 of these could be incredibly useful if she could get the consistency correct and if all her flowers were just as strong. Rose panicked and searched for her journals and her stocks of her research. She figure only a small airtight jar of Amleic pulp (full with 20 flowers amount) was missing. She kicked into battle mode wit her full knight gear and bolted throughout the caves repeatedly, trying to find any trail left by the intruder. At this point it was useless because they were long gone.

     Rose hurried to the grassland village to see if anyone there had her jar and flowers. She tried her bet not to look suspicious and sped walked all around, she was out of breath and other arcanuses started to worry about her. Rose brushed them off and eavesdropped into the conversations in the bar. There was nothing about her flowers. To her this was worse, she doesn't know who the arcanus was and they now know her location. Over the few days rose relentlessly patrolled the caves but didn't find anyone and was on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion. She inevitably had to give up on her patrolling and mainly resides in her temple.

     Months passed and she lowly began hearing rumors of a hidden cavern that hosts a unique healing herb who's pulp can heal wounds. With a perked interest she joined in the conversation. She pretended to be surprised and mused at the thought that she could use the rose on herself to help her armor glands' sensitivity. The strangers mentioned how an anonymous arcanus founded a beautiful abandoned temple with glowing flowers and thorn bushes. The strangers also mentioned how the arcanus sold the flower and jar for the black market and went missing shortly after. There is a general location on where the cavern is hidden but they didn't say anything specific. One of the strangers suspected they might've kept it to themselves, planning to return and sell more off the market but apparently their dealer(s) didn't agree. He admitted it was a conspiracy theory but it freaked Rosaline out anyways.

     After finishing the conversation Rose was starting to lose her mind. She had to do something so she planted standard Amleic roses in different small caves throughout the mountain range, trying to draw any Amleic seekers away from her prized possessions. she even planted clues leading them off the tracks, some got what they wanted but it was not that powerful. Those locations are frequently visited more than her home. Some stories that she's heard were different gangs fighting over the weird bushes and plants found there or briefly taking over the area until someone kicks them out. Some arcanuses have disappeared that were not actually Rose's fault directly (even she can't find their bodies sometimes). Anyone who did find her home were quietly and quickly dispatched during the night after she lulled them into sleep. She doesn't have any emotional attachment to the strangers but it wasn't that easy for her to do. She can't risk having gangs of rivaling arcanus hunting her down or forcing her to abandon her temple and research. Rosaline is also incredibly paranoid that an aggressive warlord or even a legendary would come to her cavern, in that case she would probably be outmatched and her best bet is to take them down when they don't suspect it. She's constantly on edge even if she doesn't show it. When she does see a higher ranking arcanus in the grassland village who is interested in the plants she points them to one of her false locations. Heck, she's even led arcanuses there just to ensure that they don't stray off the trail. While it was originally stated there was a temple most arcanus chalked it up to e a lie or a drug-induced dream of sorts. The public haven't decided a name for the strange plants yet so they're only called "mountain roses".


The semi-open species of Arcanus belongs to Velkss
The official arcanus group is Arcanus-Ethora 
The Art and Rosaline belong to Maystrine (me)
Free Watcher Raffle (Open)
I wiped this up this morning has a warmup design and I’m going to give it for free. Here are the rules.

-You must be a watcher of mine to enter. (New watchers are welcomed)
-Comment below to enter. (theres only one ticket per person)
-I’ll be using a randomizer so I’ll give you a ticket number.
-If you win her the then you can change ANYTHING that you want and give it to anyone else if you wish too.
-The raffle ends 24 hours from now at 1 PM eastern time.

The art and design of her was done by me.
A Background that I dont Completely Hate
So.. I got over ambitious for a background in a new reference picture. I like it. It’s suppose to be simplistic so that’s why it looks unfinished. My lord is this picture big. But for some reason I just like it. Now I got to write the reference description.

The reference: (I haven’t posted it yet)

The artwork belongs to me.
Free Adopts for no Good Reason (0/3 Closed)
Eyyy more of these. Just for no reason aside from practice. I literally looked up “exotic animals” and just drew some of those.

Here are some rules:
-You must be a watcher to claim them.
-One adopt per person (you can only claim one).
-You can change ANYTHING after you receive the character.
-When you draw them for the first time please credit me for the original design.
-Comment to claim them (and once again it is free).


Pangolin’s owner is: The-Curious-Wanderer

Bongo’ owner is: HeartlessDemonAsil

Jerboa’s owner is: LSTheNinjaKitten


All artwork/designs was done my me. I currently have a warlock gator for OTA:



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