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:iconmaystardust:MayStardust posted a status
Well, isn't this fantastic. The moment I am honest to my friend and tell them a certain action made me feel sad, they keep on apologizing and ramble on how they do not know how to fix it and thinks the best solution is to not be online the rest of the evening. And I am here like??? that's not what I wanted out of this, I just wanted to make something clear about how I feel, yet instead I am apologizing to them and trying to be in contact with them because their silence concerns me.

I didn't want this conflict, I just wanted to tell the truth for once instead of holding it back and letting it eat at me, but in return I get this... 
In the past I got hurt when I had confronted my (very toxic) friend (who I luckily have never seen again ever since) about these kind of things as well, and it would leave me be the one apologizing. Please, I don't want this to happen again, not with a friend I really enjoy being with. 

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