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:iconmaystardust:MayStardust posted a status
Question, what makes you want to join an art stream? Is it the art style of the artist that makes you want to watch? or is it because the artist talks during the stream, being interactive with the watchers and all? or do you only join when you know you can get free art out of it? or do you join because the artist announced a couple of days before that they were going to stream/the artist has a usual streaming schedule(example: artist always streams on Fridays at *insert certain time*)? 

I am really curious to know, as I want to make my streams an usual thing, but it will be a bit pointless if no one decides to show up every time. I want to improve to make my streams more enjoyable for you guys, so please let me know how I can do so!

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spadillelicious Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So sad I missed your latest stream ;-; What usually makes me wanna join a stream is a fun, interactive streamer, and of course it helps to know in advance when someone streams ^^
MayStardust Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Naww, hopefully you will be able to join next time ;w;
I usually decide to stream immediately after I get the feeling to go streaming, thus there being not enough time to announce beforehand that I am going to stream. It is proven that that is a bad idea :'D
Thanks for sharing that information, I'm going to do my best to announce my streams way before it starts (or make it scheduled on a certain day and stream every week)
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