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the amount of stuff i have on here is ridiculous. i need to leave like a 100 groups. i had 10,000+ notification when i logged on here

hahaha. opps.
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Starting the second year of my course tomorrow at art college and I've finally finished some decent quality illustrations in the holidays, so at least when I get all my portfolio ready for uni I actually have some content now!

Also I've been pretty dead on here recently for various real life reasons and I don't think I'll be that active now. Just to post art. If you want to see my inspiration I post on tumblr far too much than I should and annoy everyone with pretty pictures. It's here:

Also on that note, thank you very much for all the favs and watches I came on to this morning, made me smile it did :)
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  • Listening to: Birdy - Skinny Love…

a blog of my inspiration and personal work, just getting started
follow me please :)
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building my portfolio in my free time to get my illustrations out there in the big wide world

facebook (personal, don't accept random adds):

:heart: thank you for all the recent favourites and comments
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// TUMBLR: //

3 weeks holiday from college at Easter. WIN.
finally got some inspiration to actually use this again.

that is all

won't be 17 forever.

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 31, 2010, 2:55 AM

but at least for 364 days more i will be :love:
thank you for all the birthday messages

i start college in 6 days (for the second time), im actually shitting myself.

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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 19, 2010, 11:17 AM


well im a happy chappy :love:

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f***ing viruses.

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 24, 2010, 7:23 AM

i got a virus on my computer and i had to reset everything, meaning i lost my photoshop that i had borrowed from a friend too :( POO-NESS

ive managed to get it back now, along with a messy itunes to sort so i'll get back to more design work... hopefully.

happy summer everyone! :love:

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Cause when I'm standing here in the dark,

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 3, 2010, 5:11 AM

I see your face in every star :dance:

hello guys :heart:
I am soooo free it's unbelievable, well not too free as I'm serving coffee to 10001001000010010 people every few days but eyyy :D

Today, I went for an interview at my new college I'm applying for, (BTEC Graphics) seen as they've cut my A levels short I'll have to start again. Luckily it's all experience and it'll look better when I apply for university as David Cameron has backstabbed every student in the UK with cuts to pretty much everything from budgets on printers to university places... :shakefish:

I'm happy to say I got an unconditional offer and I have a place next year, so I feel really relieved that I actually know what I am doing next year..

Individual feature:

I love this, it's just so fresh :heart:

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8 days and counting... + features

Journal Entry: Wed May 19, 2010, 3:14 AM

ARGH revision headaccheeee!! :(

27th May and I'm home free, HOME FREE!
Sorry for my inactivity, especially in DesignMyWorld
I shall be updating and doing loads once I have an inch of free time

Painted by MehranMo Alice by kribin Love by mohammadamiri In the foreign sky by PunainenTaiteilija Elephant Parade in London 5 by YellowSumbarine Don't Let Them Take Control by JohnKyo Cold as Ice by irinabogos :thumb163778809: :thumb163818398: Amelon by xeitoon :thumb162609320: Digital art by Dilz091 Cigarettes and road by hayalpriest Ms K by FraNz85 :thumb144128647: Come Closer by deepinswim Grandma's Owl by PeteMohrbacher


Check out The Baseballs, I'm quite in love

Okay, back to revising byeee :)

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its timmeee

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 23, 2010, 2:36 AM

oh dear. it seems exams have eated me up already :(

Ill post sometimes, mostly because it's coursework but I might not reply, sorry! i really need to buck my ideas up

Ill be back at the end of may, properly :D then i have a whole summer of inspiration. oo im looking forward to summer, so so much :D

:heart: thanks for the support

HUMAN by vanismyname


follow me! Poppinfreshh ;)
ill follow you back

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formspring and 10k :D

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 11, 2010, 11:28 AM
if you dont know what it is, basically ask questions annoymously and ill answer aha
no funny business though, ill just delete them

1 0 , 0 0 0 ????

madness!! haha thank you so much from me and my albino llama
:love: :heart:

Anddd if you haven't read it: Time Traveller Wife
If you like romantic books that are more serious and not very girly, read this
i :heart: it so much, definate reccomend :D

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O... sayyyyaaa

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 1, 2010, 9:26 AM

to dedicate... to the ever loving:…

tell me your april fools!
..i told my brother i was pregnant LOL
he believed me :D

happy easter :D :la:

im going to be posting a lot more, with all this free time.. while im not serving coffee to strangers and having small children throw up on me :l

loving this song:…

:heart: :dummy:


im not over-girly, but lately pink things have made me smile (:

:thumb155875161: When Love Takes Over... by DigitalDean Paper by gesah-Ge   Psychokinesis by DreamdustART orgasmatron by s-a-d-o :thumb158943615:
Pretty in pink by Ainhochu eating bumblebee2 by Celebryane Agfa Rock by ray2010 Girlsh Cupcake by softeno :thumb159160138: Walk untill morning by MYV-Adore
DAYDREAMING by simoneyvette :thumb159158368: Pink Flower II by AmeliaMartin1989 :thumb159137847:

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'listen up hot s t u f f + flickr

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 6, 2010, 1:07 PM

im in love... with this song. '

im loving Ke$ha's new song :giggle:

i have flickr, i have no idea how to use it yet. setting it up for my new work. add me :D :D :D…
im sure ill find how to accept :love:

alrighty! so you might have noticed ive taken a complete U-turn in my work. Well ive fortunatly got CS4 and ive been inspired by 'graphical fashion' basically combining digital art and fashion. i love it :heart: and now i have the right equipment, im really expanding my graphics (: im looking for a bit of a volenteer job at a design studio to get some experience (im in leeds in anyone's interested?)
so, yeah basically. this is it.

ive really found my feet, it seems to come easy to me now while photography i just did coz it looked pretty. dont get me wrong, you might see some new photos every once in a blue moon. but graphics is where im at! :heart:

thank you for inspiring me:

I want to break free by Kidney-Shots 3D Serif by SeROoOn1 :thumb121063219: Art Inspiration Part 1 by Salve-S sweet strawberry by satishverma :thumb155710126: Acid Rain by rocky00raccoon Water Hand by 3dmetrius :thumb156148338: DMS ID by dennybusyet PUNK IT by Obstination Scarlet floret by ChristasVengel Acid colors II by Black-Ban emotional eruption by DalShiem :thumb149770085: Let's meet in my world by Blaumohn Inheritance by armawolf

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garnier is amazing! i have like no spots at all now :D :D
happy days, no foundation

as ive deleted my twitter, i want to devote more time to deviantart
- get a subscription
- more photomanips
- join clubs n such
- be generally more active

ooo im all exicted actually :heart: :heart:
thank you for all the favs and watches guys (:
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bonjour guys!
Sorry ive been inactive and i probably will for the next week or so
holidays soon, so im planning some photo manipulation

might get a subscription in that time and have a bit of a revamp too :)

what you guys been up to? tell me your stories :D
and lady gaga's fame monster is an amazing ablum :heart:
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the uk is a ice burg
its offical!

I've started selling on ebay now, so if your interested:…

If its successful ill buy myself a subscription again :D

Woo! I havent been to college for near on a month now, christmas holidays and endless snow days haha, ive drunk so much tea its beyond belief :aww:
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