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test- animation colorist

By mayshing
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Edit: We are currently not taking any more new colorists, thank you for considering.

:star: Look to the left, Click Download to download PSD file.

Anything that can color will be fine. 

1. Duplicate lineart layer. Place it under the official lineart. 
    EX: Layer 1 on top of Layer 1 copy

2. Fill/color on duplicated lineart layer using drop tool, sample color from the finished color sample on file. (NOT the model sheet! The color is different from scene to scene so current model sheet is only for reference.) 

3. After finish, check if anything flood outside of your color layer and cause pixellation. If that happened, clean it up so it's neat and clean. If the coloring does not meet requirement I will request retry. 

4. Merge down the lineart layer to the duplicated copy layer. 

Repeat until you finish. 
After you finish email to mayshingATgmail

If you pass you will be listed into the colorist group, when there's job coming I will pass it out to all available artist. 

:star: model sheets of the character for your reference:…

Test for coloring for people interested in helping out with my animation.

:salute: Be aware, the workload is not light, you will be required to show me result in a week once given assignment. It's like a job, like the do it or doom homework, do it like it is.

:D You will be included on a special marketing discount when the dvd is out.
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So, I use Procreate. I think my app can convert the file and resend it as a PSD. You think this file will still work if I tried to download it to my ipad?

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that should be fine. Though currently I have no active project for new people. I rather not waste your time, thank you for considering. :)

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No probs! I'll be looking out for if you have anything to work on.

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its been two years since someone commented on this post. Im wondering if youre still looking for a colorist. Or is this post closed?
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i take in new people all the time, what i do is i put the people who passed the test on an email list, when work comes I will email everyone and see who's available to do work. 
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I cant seem to find your gmail address, and when I click to the gmail on this post. its an empty page
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Remove the space. 
DA's sort of deformed my email address XD
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Thanks, Ive sent the email and attachment. Pay no mind to the typos, my workstation in the office is cramped with paperworks :p. Hope to be included in your email group list .
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yep u are in! 
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Awesome! Thanks! I won't let you down ;)
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Can I do this test. It's summer and i wanted to have some more experience in coloring & shading. I'll work for free if thats the case. Oh, and i have no experiance in Photoshop. But I'm great in Paint Tool SAI :)
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sure you can do the test anytime. ^_^
Sai works just fine, it takes a bit longer than photoshop.
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Are you still looking for colorists? I'm looking for experience, even if it is free work.
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sure, right now i have no jobs for colorists though, they tend to come in at the end of the production. We are still in animation stage.
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I was wondering...Does this just mean, coloring frames that you've drawn in flat color? If so, I was wondering if I could help out :D I have a tablet so it's pretty easy for me to color. I'll give this a go for you :D Anything to help you~
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yes of course. :D
Awesome that you want to help. We tend to keep a large list, you can also help out in multiple areas, so you are welcome to try multiple tests. ^^ Thanks!
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REALLY?! thanks so much ^^ I'll do this one now because I doesn't take much work to color :3 Especially if you have a pen tablet ^^
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Alright. So what I've done is coloured one of the 2 frames and fixed the already coloured one. Phew~
Hard work but I'm really enjoying it :D

Do you want me to merge the groups? Or leave the layers for you to take a look at?
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merge is fine. :) for such a simple test.
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Aye Aye ^^ I'll send you the finished copy soon ^^ I'm going out for the next couple hours so you should get it tomorrow or something ^^ (Due to the time differences~)
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I'm definetly interested and will give this a try. You can check out my gallery for examples of what I can do with color. This week I'm busy preparing for a convention this week end, but I'll be available afterwards. If I have time this week, I'll do your color test if you feel it is still necessary. Would love to help out on your project. Keep up the great work with your art.
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