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Violet Everygarden - an emotional goodbye

By mayshing
We didn't want to say goodbye, yet the fire of cruelty forced us to
Now you are on the other side, we can only send you with tears in our eyes
Thank you for the warmth and joy you have given us
May the world forever miss ...
How you've touched our souls with the magic of your finger tips
Goodbye my friends at KyoAni, in pain and with love,
We will miss you

mayshing 2019

#prayforkyoani #PrayForKyotoAnimation 

I felt very deeply about the arson attack at Kyoto animation and some of the finest lives lost... 34 people... 1/3 of their whole company's crew... 

as an animator I feel a strong empathy to their sorrow they must have felt now, Violet seems like the best person to speak for this tragedy. 
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What?! This is the first I hear of this. This is a despicable act; I mean, what in the world animators do to warrant an attack?! It's so sad... 

That aside, this is really heartfelt and beautiful. I'm sure they would love it. :hug:
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:hug: T^T the beauitful part of the tragedy is the local and international community really showed love and concern about this, it warms my heart to see that, I hope they can recover fast with all the extra help.
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That at least returns hope to humanity. To know good people are indeed rising to help out.
I hope the same as well for them. :hug:
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