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Renel Walks-failure

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T_T You will see why when you see it...
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plainegurl07Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cool it looks like he's a snake...when he walks...coz his head ... IT's GUD! better than mine..i dun even know how to do this :D
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lol, noo, it's not that bad. you can just say he walks with attitude XD otherwise it's still really really good. the movement is fluid besides that one little jerk, and the quality is great
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LadreHobbyist Digital Artist
hey tis still a whole lot better than anything i could make XD :clap:
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hope-n-foreverHobbyist General Artist
Woah!! Amazing fluid animation there!
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Is it your first animation? Because it's pretty good if so :)
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AWESOME, You are getting to make some character animatiosn <D

THe walkcycle isn't that bad, if nothing else its a really good start. If you really want a challenge try drawing one of your characters w/ a cape XD
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Shintei-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
It`s really great...
He`s skipping frame...otherwise it`s cool
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hmm ok >_> this is where my 2 yrs of studying animation get tested ahem >_<

ok the arms and body movement is pretty much perfect they move at a nice pace and the repeated animation flows very nicely thumbs up

if u maybe altered the last say 3 frames to slowly get bigger to flow into the first frame it wud fix the head jump problem either that or move the animation down slightly as the head is about to change

left leg doesnt seem long enough when it is placed forward and seems to hop alittle too fast when toes are being lifted off the ground
and then the other one being that the right leg jumps when being placed forward

to make the whole thing better i would say adding a few more frames to make the beginning flow with the end and eliminating the jumpy bits

but very good job ^^
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mayshingProfessional Filmographer
;_; thanks, I will try that.
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lol good luck ^^
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RyokuKitsuneHobbyist Digital Artist
there is a pop when he draws his right foot to take the next step, plus the animation drifts upward and on loop it pops back down.

its a good start for an animation. I like it! its great but you just need to fix a few frames ^^ it renders fairly fluid good job with it
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t-chanProfessional General Artist
Its a really cool animation, its not entirely smooth, but you really got a lot of the nuance of walking down, impressive =0
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MokendaHobbyist Digital Artist
All I see is that the head gets big right before it starts over again
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Lone-n-Bitter-RoProfessional General Artist
I the foot is the only thing that seems a tad off but that's hardly noticable though! You didnt an amazing job. It looks so smooth! ^_^
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MoneleHobbyist Traditional Artist
Mhh.... The shift before it starts looping again? ^^;... I dunno... Quite impressive even though!
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It's not that bad the foot is just off. X{ Other then that it's perfectly fine. :milk: will solve your problem :)
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Wow, that's a smooth animation!! :wow:
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what are u talkin' 'bout? it's lovely
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