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A quick Flash slide show to show case my progress.

I will answer some questions if you have any.

Textures are from: [link]
(currently down, but there are many texture goodies account on DA as well if you search for stock accounts)

Parts not talked about in the progress:

1. I did use a hand model for the hand painting. Because painting hands are hard.

2. And I spent about 5-6 hours just on the details of the clothes alone. And many small and tedious editing were done but not recorded in screen shot. (until I get a digital video filming my progress. :O)

3. Total time spent is nearly 20 hours.

I think I am getting used to that time spent per illustration...

O_o did I make it seem too easy? XD I'm sorry. It does take a lot of work, all the strains on the clothing and hair are done one by one.
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If your looking for a program to film you while your painting, Camtasia studio is pretty good. Its the only one I've used, so far I havent ran into any problems with it.

Nice flash for the progress, I like the detail in the clothes alot.