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Prac Castle



:star: [link] <--Where I copied it from, you can hardly call this a copy since I changed it so much, I guess if the original artist sees this he will give me a C... XD The original rules.

The Progress: [link]

Medium: Coral Painter 9
Hours: about 36-45 hours (Oct 11th- Nov 8) is a place where you go, maybe get very excited or depressed for a month, then you will really want to get good.


But I did get pass my 20 hours margin working on this picture, so it's a milestone for me. Thank you Mr.Hipper. :worship:
I am a bit weary of how much details the original has... :faint: so I did simplify.

However... I am not too sure whether I am done though, after struggling with this picture for so long, I kinda get an attachment to it, "Finally, it's done... huh? It's done? Wait, maybe I can work on this area a bit more..."

That's how I feel about it right now, perhaps that's what I should feel like being an illustrator.

Being a mangaka is... "Horray its done!! Now I can get onto the next one!!" XD

Big difference, biiiig difference.
Still though, maybe it's not that different...?
Doing an illustration like this is like doing a serie of manga, editing it, taking things out, putting things back in...

Boy I learned alot from this challenge... what an ultimate one point perspective. (Although I would say it's really 3 points.)
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just awesome !! all your drawings are just excellent !!