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Perspective for Dummies 1

By mayshing
Page 1: [link]
Page 2: [link]
Page 3: [link]
Page 4: taken down cuz its not needed.
Page 5: [link]
Page 6: [link]

Time to prepare for this tutorial: 1 year
Time to make the tutorial: 6 hours
Purpose of the tutorial: To help beginners, or people who struggle with drawing perspectives to get a start in apply it.

I feel quite accomplished being able to finish this tutorial now. I promised this since last year, it was a challenge to even start to make it.
Honestly, I don't feel I am good at perspective, but it seems like I am good enough to teach some basics.

There are plenty of tutorials on perspectives out there, but not everyone can apply the technquies after they learn them.
I hope this tutorial will help out the majority of the artists who started drawing with characters first like I am.

Other recommanded tutorials: From easy to hard

:star: Interactive Perspective
:star: Introduction to Perspective
:star: Eye Level
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Can you give advice where i can find resources for advanced perspective

I have recently finished a Jeep in perspective by hand. it could be better.
mayshing's avatar
There's really no advanced perspective, just more or less understanding of the same subject.
I think this: [link]
is a pretty complete book.
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remember your friends 1 2 and 3 point i never paid attention to them thats y i got to suffer now so children remember them
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I know I'm pretty late on replying to this (4 years late....), but I just can't :+fav: something without commenting. I'm weird like that.
I just want to say that this will be a big help for me (this and the other pages to the tutorial) so, thank you very much for creating this! :juggle:
Now to study vigorously....
mayshing's avatar
best wishes to u
HyperChronic's avatar
D0nkrig's avatar
Wow, great, you are really good at teaching, it really helped, thanks a lot,
Sonikku0691's avatar
This will be really helpful x3
orachel's avatar
Thanks so mcuh...I'm just getting started w manip and basics like light and shadows are killin' me! lol This should help!
dsoloud's avatar
awesome tutorial!
sipowicz1993's avatar
Fantastic series of tutorials. I love how you highlight the fact that perspective isn't a technique or invention, it's the way we see!

What happened to part 4 though?
mayshing's avatar
got deleted by DA haven't put it back.
RCorona's avatar
lol im a dummy so thanks you for making this :D
Tristan-the-Dreamer's avatar
My perspective skills are abysmal so I'm really excited to read this tutorial!!
Jinx-Midnight's avatar
Holy cow, this is great. Thanks for making this! It helps alot
DancingChaos's avatar
Very helpful, thanks!
MisukiNinja's avatar
very useful- Thanks for making a tutorial like this.
SpinachBaron's avatar
This is definitely a great tutorial and reading it has really helped my studies on perspective and made me that much more confident with backgrounds :)
Particularlyme's avatar
I'm more of a step by step person. So I get confused easily -_-;
Particularlyme's avatar
I could almost cry trying to draw actual scenery like this....I guess I should really take it one step at a time. A cube box today, the empire state building tommorow!

It would be so much easier if I was being taught this in an art class or something T_T
mayshing's avatar
art class doesn't always make it easy... I had a good perspective prof that confused the hell out of everyone. ;D He was trying to be simple too. T_T

Check out the tutorials i listed at the bottom of the tutorial, they are the basics and included step by steps I didn't mention.
Particularlyme's avatar
Actually I have...I really liked the Introduction to Perspective. I tried out the first two in that one so far and took notes in another other. I guess ultimately...I should by a book. A few pages to me in any of those websites just don't give me a good grasp on perspective. Time to go shopping!

You can tell I was never really trained in this can't you...
mayshing's avatar
so was I. I studied perspective for 1.5 years with sites and books and still missed some stuff until I took a perspective class.... but I did much better in the perspective class because I did my own homework. :)
Particularlyme's avatar
Sounds fair enough. You get what you work for.
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