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OnePiece-Luffy The Pirate King

Fanart ad. XD

Time: 6 hours
Medium: ink and prisma color pencils.

If you haven't seen One piece, go and download and see it! XD It's my favorite anime, after watching the 2nd esp you will know why.

The style doesn't appeal to me at first, but I got hooked because of the author's brain. lol

These 3 characters starting from the left are Zoro, Luffy and Sanji. Luffy is the main character that started the story, he is one of those character that always give you surprises.
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And Zoro and Sanji! :D
AnimeCouples1992's avatar
Amazing. Nicely done. :thumbsup:
NessaArFeiniel's avatar
Yes OP is the greatest anime!
Did you use reference?
shonanjump000's avatar
I agree one piece ROCKS!!!

but I still like Naruto better.
Hellfire-Herschel's avatar
Exactly 10 years ago, this deviation was submitted and since then it became a legendary deviation. Because it features a legendary scene with legendary characters. Yay for One Piece! I love the colors and Sanji's outfit. Awesome work.
mayshing's avatar
wow. it's been 10 years. lol
justcallmesly's avatar
Eyeball28's avatar
This is AWESOME! :D Great job, I really like it. XD
KK-sis's avatar
Ahh, the Monster Trio~~ Best anime, awesome characters. :D
Love love love the colouring, by the way. :)
jdgjordan's avatar
who needs a crown when you have a straw hat.
mintochiharu's avatar
Awesome drawing!!! :D love it! ^^
Syd112012's avatar
Zorro is looking badass as always, even though his hair is different XD
BlanMa's avatar
waaah... its awesome *w*
PokemonKid16's avatar
you are AMAZING! how did you do this?! i cant even draw to save my life!!!!

come here to see my rain version of this awesome pic, which has the link to this one. [link]
mayshing's avatar
:) glad u like this piece.
PokemonKid16's avatar
u kidding? its awesome! who wouldnt love it?!
mayshing's avatar
@A@ why don't they use the original cover? Not that i mind that kind of usage. o.obb
Like the picture :D Even thought they doesnt look exactly like the real ones, its still cool ^^
Papan-01's avatar
zoro's hair looks different!
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