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experiemental flash... and omg.... I just can't get them right no matter how much i worked...
I was defeated by the trees.....

I am STUCK. I need help...
(any animation tutorial site link will be greatly appreciated... I have visited newgrounds and Bitney Castle already, so those two links are not needed.)

I have problem with animating and smoothing out the tree's movement, and oh, the grass field..... don't get me started on that... it's a challenge to even make it look right the next frame.

I have animated the odd frames for the character movement, so far so good.

please Don't complain to me the movement is not smooth, it's not done.

I am frustrated right now for not being able to anime as smoothly as i want.
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Im just wondering how you get the grass to move like that I have been spending a lot of time in flash and Im getting really frustrated... I like the way the movement of the grass in your picture is and Im wondering how to do that... any assistance would be wonderful...
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mayshingProfessional Filmographer
I took some hint from Miyazaki's film, it's an extra layer of highlight animated, the grass layer itself didn't move.
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Oh? Thats it?O.=.o??
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mayshingProfessional Filmographer
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nice flash experimentring... the grassm ovement is very awsome.. is it difficult to do this? i have enevr really used flash extensively
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hope-n-foreverHobbyist General Artist

The animation is real good, although not too fluid...
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vangelisgenesisProfessional Digital Artist
i thought it was really kewl, it seemed as if he was struggling to climb up the little hills, not that it was rough and the frames weren't running smootly. yeah, that probably didnt make any sense
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Aww, I'm sorry you've been having troubles. :hug: I'm sure it isn't as bad as you think, and I wish I could help you with some animation sites. :S Good luck. :hug:
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good luck with flash
it's hard
that's why i gave up on it
it's going tho
with practice you'll be better
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wow! That's reaaallyy good!
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TamsTheGenkiQueenStudent Digital Artist
Wow. That's the unfinished version?

It is truly beautiful. And I appreciate it well, because I want to do animation. :clap: Wonderful, excellent work.
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I think that its really cool so far. Its really nice to see that you are taking in the time to fix like the grass and the trees and such. Whenever I work with flash I cant stay motivated because it takes forever! All I can say is goodluck with trying to make the animation as smooth as possible, but so far it looks really cool.
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