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Layout painting test -advance

By mayshing
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Layout painting test for E-Depth anime project.

This is the more advanced layout painting test. (it deals with more complicated parts)

You only need to paint the "Camera affected area"

1. Download that, and paint, you can set your own light source and how you want it on the test to let me see how well you do handling material, and lighting.

2. You just need to paint black and white/gray and render it so it looks like some background from Gundam 00 series.

3. Only paint where the camera is, other areas you don't need to paint.
4. Don't leave the black lines.

Take the test if you are interested, you will be listed and credited as layout artist for the production once you pass.
No promise of any payment/budget yet, but i will try to get money. :P

Please send your test result to mayshing

PSD file please download.

For the layout test please remember to time yourself how long it takes you to complete the layout and match the requirements.
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Hello,My name is Natalia, i am sending the pdf file with layout testing to your email.
please see it.

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I'm going to give this a try
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No problem, but i do have one question as long as the file stays in a psd formate could this be done on a different program cause i have a few that might work alot better then photoshop?
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u can use diff programs, i am just using psd bec its a file type that can hold quite a lot of properties and be passed around thru diff programs.
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Alright thank you for getting back to me on it, i'm about 1/10 of the way through it now on paint clip studio ^^
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is there a time limit for this?
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nope, but its needed that u time your self on how many working hours u work to finish it. For production estimate.
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hey Mayshing, I think the download link is broken.
could you rapidshare it maybe?
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funny.... its working to me. OK here's a sendspace link: [link]
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awesome. Got it, thanks.
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Makes sense. Thanks.
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Ah so we basically just have to use grayscale colors right? Is it cell shaded too? ;w;)
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grayscale first. Yep, but u can also do color directly if you wish. Make it look somewhat like this: [link]
Gundam 00 bg is mainly my goal, it doesn't need to be great, just being neat is enough.
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Im going to Try out, ill do my best ^^)*
i use Gimp do you think that will be okay?
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yep gimp should be fine for this. :D
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I should try this and practice. I'm not good yet, but good luck! :D
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I'll do this some time to practice painting, lawl. Inking, coloring and painting are on my to do list to level up! Inking is a battle against my shaky hands (SAI, WHY AREN'T YOU ON MACS. YOUR STRAIGHT LINES ARE AWESOME), coloring is mostly working on the lighting (light source *hisses*) and painting is just some thing I need to practice with that go up from there. Painting in real life is a bit of.... a depressing matter due to the quality that is turned out, lawl.
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Sai: I'm sorry. But my developer dumped me.

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I don't have time to try, but this looks fun to paint! :D
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you can still download it just to take a peek at the actual file. ha ha. XD i am currently trying to paint this complicated one: [link]
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aw... too bad. Hope your life works out for you. :)
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