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How to cell shade - shadows dos and donts



:w00t: Check out the whole 3 sets on how to cell shade tutorial:

Part I | Part II | Part III

Other cell shading tutorial: [link]

Printable version Zip file download available

Disclaimer: I did this for my helpers to follow my style and do it with the most used lighting condition I handle for my manga. So it doesn't cover everything there is to be known in lighting, nor is it the most accurate. (in fact I just want believably to my eyes.)

Edit: added another section at the end.
Edit2: 1-wrong way to do it, I just simply didn't do it wrong enough. XD

:w00t: This tutorial done for my E-Depth manga/anime project

:w00t: My tumblr: [link]
:w00t: My Studio tutorial blog: [link]

I noticed a lot of people can "cell shade" and there is a lot of cell shade tutorials!

But there's almost zero tutorial on various lighting direction and how it affects shape of the shadows. (and I thought photographs would help, but no.)

At least my style/anime is formulated enough, i can make a template set for people. (especially my helpers) :)

I'm doing a series of this...!
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I think the download is broken. I keep getting a broken HTML