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Edepth angel: Pinocchio's Murder



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Summary: Which memory is true, which is fake? Angel must sort out the implanted memories and true memories in her friends Lien and Kolei in order to rescue them from the grasp of their controlling father Seon who wants to turn them into puppets to become pure weapons of mass destruction.

Gameplay: you talk to characters and collect evidence to present at certain point in the storyline to get the characters to agree to you in order to advance the game. If they don't, you can get fired, sent to a trap, or get killed by the Boss. 

*cough Got my Pheonix Wright influence in this game cough*

There will be three playable routes: Choose between Lien, Kolei, and Seon’s mysteries to solve and resolve for expanded content. Kickstarter's additional stretch funding can open up additional routes which will be announced later.

:w00t: Pledgers on Patreon will get discount codes, game assets based on pledged tiers: 
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Cool beans! Watched the trailer and it's so amazing! You inspire me very much with your great works :)