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Edepth PM game is on the way and steam release!

By mayshing

 Today is the day! We are launching PM on steam for pc version first!  

My apology for mac users we still can't sort it out, we don't have a mac for steam on site to test, (getting it at this point is not financially possible.) We have gathered more testers to test on steam client but different bugs come with different users. Getting them all sorted at this point is.... not likely until much later in time. (while playing the game directly on mac is fine) 

As PC ver is released on steam today and I am currently working on getting steam key to our backers. 

We are also in process of releasing the artbook digitally, and ordered the final copies for the higher tier backers. Here's a preview of the physical artbook:…

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So happy to hear this!!
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Congrats to getting your game finally (almost) released.  I will definitely check it out when its available.
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Awesome I’ll definitely check it out when it comes out
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Awesomeeee congratulations :D
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Congrats on the release ~! Can't wait to play :D
Numbuh6001's avatar
What is that game?
PenciltipWorkshop's avatar
congrats on getting it released on steam
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Aw yea, congrats on finally releasing it on Steam. I was sorry to hear that you were having trouble releasing the Mac version, and all I can say is that I appreciate you providing the beta and final versions that do work on Mac outside of Steam; I admit that I still haven't got around to finish playing mine yet.

Anyway, I hope that your game reaches its target audience.
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o___O just great, image not showing up and not updating for me, wooohoooo!
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Bah hopefully it works soon. DA likes to act up.
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