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Cante - Crystal Forest

By mayshing
9/29 Wrapped, wrapped, I am done. I spent long enough on this piece. 

9/10 Getting close to done, just wanna throw a backup here. It's an illustration concept piece for my new world Cante. (it means "Heart" in Lakota) 
Originally wanted to name it Heartland but that name is soooo taken. lol

I posted my progress on my patreon and the psd as well.
This will serve as a concept art piece for my up coming game Cante. 
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thank you. :)

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Really nice background. I like all the pretty details. hehe

Been a while since I saw art from you.
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thanks. a delight to see your comment too. I had to sort through myself for a while to figure out what I wanted with my art, just emerging from my cave again. 
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*nods* I can definitely relate to that. Been dealing with a bit of that myself over the past few years.
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:hug: Feel ya on that one.
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huh, now this is calming
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Your style is great!
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I think Cante is more fantastical sounding anyways, gives it a deeper meaning without being right on the nose with the clear pun name. You can be straightforward like "Middle Earth" or make up a name like Narnia, or be like how I had a world when I was younger called Gallatia/Galatia which basically was "galaxy" + "gallant" together but I never developed it save to give a name to a world some OCs were from. (Spelling might be off though been years whoops).

Nice to see more progress on this! Missed your illustrative works!

(Btw does the world of 2Masters have an official name to its residents or just "world" like us having Earth?)
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2m world's world is really called "Heartland" lol~~~ That's what gave birth to "Cante" really, I just don't have a chance to mention that yet because the characters don't travel very far. (historically ppl in the past didn't travel far at all) 

Cante is an upgrade of CD diary world, pretty much anything CD wants to do it can go in, it's a bit like Kingdom Hearts, where this world connects any worlds I will develop later. 
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Hah! So fitting I was wondering about that given the symbolism of the world and literal manifestations of souls/hearts. Makes sense~ Unless someone makes a remark like in Lord of the Rings regarding where they live like "in all of (the world)" or something. I await that day, lol!

Awww yes I always love the being able to connect worlds/cross dimensions concept. Partly why I love KH lol
can't wait to see that future stuff!
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