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Anime Face Subtlety tutorial

Spread it anywhere you like, twitter, facebook, social sites, it's for everyone.
You are allowed to print it for your own use, just don't sell it or take off my credit.

There's actually far more subtlety in an anime face, in a very smooth way, that's why when it goes wrong it's hard to correct without explaining a ton.
I am explaining part of it that's critical to 2D drawings, when it comes to sculpture/3D modeling there are even more rules.
For that you'd better pick up a sculpture/figurine maker's book.

Disclaimer 2:
"Why study the anime figurines, not the real anatomy? Everyone needs to study real anatomy."

A: They both need to be studied.
It's a default every anime artist should study real anatomy.
PLUS, You need to study anime anatomy if you want to do anime correctly just like you need to study how Disney does their drawings to do Disney style correctly.
(in fact Disney is one of the toughest client around the industry on their rules on construction and style adaption.)
Disney style has its own unique construction that people who never practiced it need to get. It's the same with anime.
Disney has perfected their teaching to public, anime industry has not.
They are both based on real anatomy, but they are both constructed for their own purposes.
The real anatomy does not equal to stylized anatomy, both need to be studied.

Let me know if you don't get something, I will try to make it clearer and add to the tutorial. I want EVERYONE who does anime to GET IT.

-------- Rambling:

I made this tutorial so that IwontlooseitoverhavingtocorrectpeopleoverandoveragainontheSAMEPROBLEMForYEARS! :faint: I hope no more.
(I often have to do it from ppl asking me for crits, and directing animation.)

OK I lost it. Pardon me.
That's why this tutorial is now here.

Most tutorials out there does not really mention this kind of small details, they just cover the basics, they are not wrong, they just don't always explain everything.
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Thank you for the helpful tutorial!!
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Thanks for mentioning the part about the alignment of the nose and mouth, the tutorials that I found never mentioned something about this, wat ze fook
Also the similarity of the baby skull and anime face is interesting, I'll go study more about anime faces.
I'll take note of this.
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np. I noticed most ppl missed this little details so want the community to get it!
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Thanks for the tips~  On the manga part, does it apply on all manga/anime styles? Like example the manga Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arawaka.
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it applies to most anime style that uses face shape like that. 
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thank you for this ! :D {Icon:Naruto} Sakura Smile 
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This is awesomeee. What lines do you follow when adding anatomy? I saw ear to ear (vertical), and eye to eye (horizontal), but that's about it... Dx
Oh, this is gonna be so so so useful for me, 'cause I've been having trouble with this anatomy style! Thank you a lot :D
This is very helpful! Thank you so much ^.^
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This is indeed a helpful tutorial.
Wow. Great tutorial and info you gave to us. Thank you so much for making this ^-^ Hope to see more of your Tutorials!
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Okay so anime is based on baby proportions but is just exaggerated. I've been wondering that for a while

So my brain is not coming up with invalid information =D
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Pointing out that many artists forget the back of the skull reminds me of what my art professor would tell us in college: "Don't forget to give your person a brain!"
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Very useful! Even some anime drawing books I've seen don't cover all this. :)
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*cough cough* mastering manga by Mark Crilley *cough cough*

But otherwise, the rest of that book is awesome, and by my favorite manga illustrator. Seriously, you should check it out.
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Tumblr-blogging, AWAY!
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Geh, now that you point it out. I seem to notice something wrong when I draw my characters. O_O"
KitKatsCreations998's avatar
Domo arigatou!!! ^_^ I usually miss those! ^_^ Love this!!!
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I fine this awfully funny LOL but still it is interesting
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May I share this on facebook?
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I compliment you on this tutorial. As, yes, I agree..! Not many say anything in the WHY department of the more subtle or easily forgotten parts.

But I am quite annoyed at your "having to correct people" attitude... I do not think that has any place in art, honestly.
Sure, some might be after the realistic look. Others... it might just not be in the style to be anatomically correct (and I am sure you can relate to how tiresome it could be to hear about how incorrect you are, too), so I hope you are not going around correcting people on it at every chance.

Some might just never have thought about how, say, the eyebrows are to be placed - like in your tutorial - and would be happy for the awareness..! So it is a bit two sided... But again, in my opinion art should not be limited by getting rules/demands of correctness thrust upon it unnecessarily.
Anyway... it is just a pet peeve of mine.

Again, good job!
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