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Animation test-light and shading

By mayshing
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This is a higher level test for the animators.
Find more tests at: :iconaltabe:

If you are interested in helping out edepth anime project as an animator (no promise of payment right now but i will try to get a bigger budget and pay skillful people, saving up money. XD )

You can take the test and email your result to me at

if you pass i will list you on the animators list for handling this high light and shadow animation task.

This part of the animation is extremely important to get the anime feel across, understanding of form and body, and the light source plus animation is required.

You can use any program that can open up a psd. As long as you get a desired result matching my sample sequence provided.

My production will reward skillful artists and dedicated helpers financially whenever possible, even if its small amount. >.<
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Hello May, do you still need any more staffs concerning inking or coloring, I'm pretty experienced with coloring and light/shadow so I can try giving a hand. 
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thank you, i saw your notes and replied. :) I will try to put together some instruction on youtube soon for inking! Thanks for reminding me. :) 
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what is program you use :D plz to made anime
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I've really gotta work on lighting myself, you did a great job here x3 The emotion and poses serve as great touches too!
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Somehow he looks skinner suddenly than in the book. But, I'm not complaining. XP
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I reallllyyyyy want to help, but I can't at the moment, because I have to finish work for my portfolio.
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there's no hurry. :) Just submit the test result whenever u have time.
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Aww to bad your using photoshop I would of loved to help but I save my fully colored and shades cels or frames as a png and use PS for Special effects and finalizing with after effects, and besides i wouldn't want the money anyways i would rather ask for you help with my animation once we gotten yours done lol. It very good to know your still working on this im glad to see and so far so good. ^ ^
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If you have PS you can work on this pretty much. What are you using?
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I use this program called Mirage studios it a dead program but it was very good for coloring things that are animated cause it lets me go frame to frame with no problem and what I would do is I color it in that program save it as png take it to photoshop add the effects (like a fire sword swing something like that)if you allow me to i would do it that way so you can see what i mean.
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you can do that. You can export the psd files to pngs and color them that way if Mirage studio takes it.
I can combine or import png just fine. As long as AE takes the file I pretty much will allow any flexibility on the execution. (if it meets the result requirement. )
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Ok that will work I'll even save it as a psd for you.
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i got your files. Thanks for taking the test. I will have you listed. :D
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very nice!
You drew in 2091 x 1371?
The line are pretty good, looks alright got blur and a duplicate with more Blur and low opacity. Can you say what resolution and pincel size you draw? xD
mayshing's avatar
this particular composition needed that size because the canvas moves.
as for the dpi just check it with your program (aka photoshop) plz.
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cool cool
I was talking about lineart but... xD
mayshing's avatar
blur is applied afterwards.
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Interesting, thank you for the tutorial
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Looks great. I'm not a good colourer or animating. Learning on my own atm but it's harder than it looks. Good luck though, Mayshing! Best wishes on finding cool artists to help with the project! :)
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I might wanna try helping out with this series, but right now I'm practicing with my own animations so I'll feel skilled enough for something as good as this.
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I want to give it a try e _ e ;;;;
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