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Animation test- easy tween

By mayshing
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Simple Animation test. Those are want to help out are welcome to take it and submit the result to mayshing

This one is very simple, the required skill is being able to draw forms and shapes in different angles.

Task: Take the PSD and finish all the unfinished drawing in blue lines.

As long as you can open up a PSD, I don't care what program you used to animate it.

As long as hand it back to me as a PSD, it's the easiest for me to take it from there.

FLASH: If you animated it in flash, you can export it frame by frame on 1s, (do not export repeated frames) and then use Photoshop >File>Scripts>Load files into stack

Other animated programs:
Export them as high res 300 dpi JPGs at the same original size as image sequence will be just fine. You can hand it to me as JPG sequence but I much rather see it in PSD if you can.

By Paper:
Print it out and put it together yourself, scan it and put it back in PSD file.

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I did the test and emailed it to you. I hope you like it. ^_^
Mysticbynd's avatar
So are you wanting the between frames just completed in the blue or fully lined as well?
mayshing's avatar
in betweens and finish the rest of the blue figure that's not finished. I have done the face because most people can't really get it on first try and I decided to make the test easier to pass.
AuroraWhite's avatar
I don't really understand this test :/ could you explain it a bit?
mayshing's avatar
u might need to be inker first before u can even take this one. This is getting into animation. The inkers test is just to test whether u can stay on model copying the style.
AuroraWhite's avatar
that's actually a bit hard..... but with a little effort it should be ok :)
missyuna's avatar
wow, thanks a lot for showing this ^^
I'm gonna use this when I get myself a flash and photoshop :P
roxietran's avatar
o__o *sighs* I want to do it, but my game keeps getting further hindered TT___TT what to do, what to do...
mayshing's avatar
take your time. ^_^
Hipster-kei-rei's avatar
gawd i love his hair.
MaroBee's avatar
is their a particular program to be using or whatever works best for the individual?This sounds like fun practice for me
mayshing's avatar
i forgot to add, as long as you can open up the file i don't really care what program you did it in. But I would like the files back as PSD with transparency, that saves me the most time. But if they are jpg or pngs with white background it can still work on the sketch animation level, it will be just like handling paper animation that's all.
Kenyu05KR's avatar
Lien's hair is so tricky with the turning, I remember when we discussed it :XD: I can't try this now unfortunately for reasons you know, but i'd totally givit a go if I didn't have to animate my details characters atm haha. Hope that from my thesis you see my growth.
mayshing's avatar
Lien's hair you have to do it like micky mouse's ear, just shape shifting, as long as it makes sense and stay on model, it doesn't need to be realistic in volume. lol
Kenyu05KR's avatar
I can see that, yeah XD I guess I can figure it out when I do try it.
mayshing's avatar
i will try to avoid having his head turn 180 for that reason (except this shot kinda need it). lol. He might make a 90 degree or less (30 degree) turn usually.
Kenyu05KR's avatar
cool, but if it ever has to be done, there's always ways to cheat. he will have to turn 360 some day, so.
mayshing's avatar
cheating is fine with Lien ha ha ha.
Kenyu05KR's avatar
mayshing's avatar
when you are done with your thesis, you can take this test anytime you want. :P
CinnaMonroe's avatar
I'll get around to trying this out. I mean, might as well practice since I might really be doing this one day! Just too bad my tablet driver doesn't work and I make shaky lines... GAAAh. *slaps Photoshop*
mayshing's avatar
:hug: @w@ you can just focus on sewing and coloring for now. lol
CinnaMonroe's avatar
hahaa. okay. :hug: That and cutting out the frames for you!! :XD: *is done with sewing for the night since it's better to work with natural light*

BUT COLOR. YESSSSSS 8D :iconohjoyplz:
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