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Animation test- easy tween



Simple Animation test. Those are want to help out are welcome to take it and submit the result to mayshing

This one is very simple, the required skill is being able to draw forms and shapes in different angles.

Task: Take the PSD and finish all the unfinished drawing in blue lines.

As long as you can open up a PSD, I don't care what program you used to animate it.

As long as hand it back to me as a PSD, it's the easiest for me to take it from there.

FLASH: If you animated it in flash, you can export it frame by frame on 1s, (do not export repeated frames) and then use Photoshop >File>Scripts>Load files into stack

Other animated programs:
Export them as high res 300 dpi JPGs at the same original size as image sequence will be just fine. You can hand it to me as JPG sequence but I much rather see it in PSD if you can.

By Paper:
Print it out and put it together yourself, scan it and put it back in PSD file.

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I did the test and emailed it to you. I hope you like it. ^_^