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Princess luna :my little pony hasbro and of :iconfyre-flye: 

crossover godzilla

original desing…
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Luna como una Kaiju guau que padre.
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would make for a neat What-If to have her stranded in the kaiju world, and Goji stuck in the Pony world, so she has to step up as the Earth protector until the bridge can be repaired.

Just to see her try to adjust to being giant-sized would be funny.
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Best cross-over of all time. =D

:love: Kaiju Princess Luna :love:
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That pic goes well with my signature.
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Well, power to control the moon, more or less a goddess, and has the power of a kaiju...we are so f*****. All hail the Queen of the Kaiju!
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Godzilla should teach Spike how to dragon.Godzilla - GOJI Atomic Breath [V.1] Spike (Sheepish smile) Plz 
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You make a pic of Jr. Seeing both Blade Dancer and Luna in their Godzilla Kaiju forms. Maybe with him actually getting all blushy and stuff.
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Sabia que Luna era poderosa, pero no creí que pudiera llegar a convertirse en un monstruo gigante :o
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Now that is what i'm talking about about.
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Ahora esto se parece feroz! Fantástico arte!
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Esto es impresionante! ¡Buen trabajo!
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gracias mi gente gracias.
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No puedo decir si ve sexy o no ^^; jeje
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three words... "Totally Freaking Awesome!!!"
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as they say in my country ....  no contaban con mi astucia.
jajaja creo que encontre otro fan del Chapulin Colorado!!!
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did not have my cunning
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