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If you were an anime fan in the 90's, you were no doubt familiar with the original Neon Genesis Evangelion TV anime. Back then, a certain English voice actor caught my attention with his performance as the inscrutable commander of NERV, Gendo Ikari. That fellow was none other than Tristan MacAvery AKA Tristan Black Wolf.

In the two decades that I've known him, Tristan has been a good friend and teacher. I owe much of my writing and storytelling skill to his enthusiastic guidance and support, so I am more than happy to tell others about his work. Did I mention that he was the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) winner in 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017? Well now I have, and he is not showing any signs of letting up!

Check out Tristan's blog Black Wolf's Imaginarium for his reviews of books, movies and music, along with insights that would do any Advanced Placement English teacher proud:

If you enjoy reading Fur Fiction, check out his Patreon. From Robert Ludlum-style thrillers to emotional drama stories, Tristan is both a varied and versatile storyteller:…

And last but certainly not least, his webcomic Natural Habitat, illustrated by Oray Studios:
It just recently came to my attention that he has a Kickstarter for a new Bean Bandit anime!

Check it out here:…

When I first discovered anime, Kenichi Sonoda was my biggest artistic influence thanks to his character designs on the original Bubblegum Crisis. Needless to say, I'm glad to see him returning to his roots once more - I'll DEFINITELY be backing this!

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My goodness, over a YEAR since my last journal entry...

Perhaps that's a good thing - it means I've truly got more going on than ever before. As such, I'll keep this brief.

This past August, the Universe decided I was due for a shakeup. First my air conditioner broke down and had to be replaced, then so did my Windows desktop of 12 years. While I've gotten myself a new MacBook Pro and have reinstalled Photoshop CS5, I will need to find: (1) a new scanner, and (2) a new Wacom tablet and stylus.

On the writing front, I haven't been able to make much progress. My biggest frustration has been my several aborted attempts to write an Equestria Girls horror/murder mystery. Earlier this year, I discovered the films of Dario Argento (Deep Red, Suspiria), and have been wanting to write an Equestria Girls fanfic in that same vein.

I would also like to do more Equestria Girls belly dance stories (in particular, one focusing on Principal Celestia), but I don't want to overuse the class/recital formula.

On the convention front, Anime Expo was fun. In recent years, seeing all of the JoJo cosplayers has become the highlight for me. I look forward to Equestria L.A. in November, where I hope to see Tony Fleecs again and meet Andy Price.

More as the Wheel turns.

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No doubt some of my watchers were a bit surprised by my most recent submission - my first ever fanfic...

Cheering Section
Vice Principal Luna squinted through her sunglasses against the glare of the setting sun as she drove. Her workday at Canterlot High School had been a grueling one – as they often have been in the weeks following the Friendship Games. She and her sister Principal Celestia had their hands full addressing inquiries from parents, school officials and the media regarding the incident. She was more than ready to relieve some of that stress.
  Pulling into the shopping center parking lot, she found an open space and parked her sedan. Wasting no time, she exited her car, retrieved a black gym bag from the back seat and proceeded to cross the parking lot. It was a small, upscale open-air shopping center on the edge of the suburbs. In the time that she had been coming here, she had yet to encounter anyone from CHS – student or faculty. Nevertheless, she remained alert as she headed for the staircase near the end of the two-story structure.
  As she started

After reading the work of Eyeswirl the Weirded and a few others on FiMFiction, I was inspired to try my hand at actually writing a fanfic. So I started out small, with a short (under 3K words) slice-of-life tale featuring a subject I'm rather familiar with.

On the gaming front, this past week, I played D&D for the first time since high school. I reconnected with my tabletop RPG roots as a Human Druid - a class I've never played before. 5th edition truly offers the best of both 3.5 and 2nd/Advanced (which I originally played).

On the horizon, I plan on hitting Anime Expo for at least one day - if only to visit the Artist Alley, check the exhibit hall for JoJo merchandise, and photograph all the JoJo cosplayers.

Ten years ago, at a convention in Houston, Texas, I remember seeing a pair of cosplayers dressed up as Jotaro and Dio. I'll never forget the smiles on their faces when I correctly identified their characters and how one of them remarked "SOMEONE knows which anime we're from!"

Part of me now wishes that I had a shirt that reads: "JoJo fan since 1999!" so that I can boast that I was into JoJo BEFORE its current popularity!

More as the Wheel turns.


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Hello everyone! Happy Cinco De Mayo!

As my watchers may already know, I've been getting A LOT of commission orders over these last couple of weeks. I haven't felt this PUMPED since my Artist Alley days! I never thought DC Comics characters were so popular in my office...

Catwoman Portrait by mayorlight  Joker TAS Portrait by mayorlight  Damian Wayne commission by mayorlight  Wonder Woman commission by mayorlight  Half Elf Sorcerer by mayorlight  Sleeping Beauty commission by mayorlight

Commissions aside, I've been dedicating a good deal of time to revisiting my Prismacolor pencils via my recent series of Equestria Girls portraits.

Colored Pencil Portrait - Twilight Sparkle by mayorlight  Colored Pencil Portrait - Pinkie Pie by mayorlight  Colored Pencil Portrait - Applejack by mayorlight  Colored Pencil Portrait - Rarity by mayorlight  Colored Pencil Portrait - Fluttershy by mayorlight  Colored Pencil Portrait - Rainbow Dash by mayorlight  Sunset Shimmer colored pencil portrait by mayorlight

Lemon Zest colored pencil portrait by mayorlight  Sunny Flare colored pencil portrait by mayorlight  Indigo Zap colored pencil portrait by mayorlight  Sugarcoat colored pencil portrait by mayorlight  Sour Sweet colored pencil portrait by mayorlight  Sci Twi colored pencil portrait by mayorlight 

On another note, :iconartviewerinabottle: has begun writing a fanfic based my artwork of the Dazzlings being transformed into a hebi no onna. In short, Aria and Sonata become Adagio's sentient serpentine arms, with plenty of hilarity ensuing...
Sirens Hebi No Onna 2 by mayorlight  Sirens Hebi No Onna by mayorlight

Here's a link to :iconartviewerinabottle:'s fanfic (currently work in progress) on GO CHECK IT OUT!…

And of course, I end each Friday with the latest episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. I'll admit - back when I first learned about DIA, I wasn't terribly crazy about the change in Araki Hirohiko's art style. Maybe it was because I was so into the "tough guy" look of Stardust Crusaders and the tarot-themed Stands that I didn't really take to the later JoJo arcs and their music-themed Stands. However, I'm pleased to say that I've been enjoying DIA thus far. I've got to dig up my copy of JoJo-A-GoGo sometime.

Now, if only Araki would create a Stand named Meat Loaf or Bat Out of Hell - I imagine the latter being a skeletal, organic-looking motorcycle summoned by the user...

Currently in my Art Project Queue...
-2 furry OCs for a client
-Jafar and Jasmine commission
-Ursula and Ariel commission
-Art trade with RyuseiHikari
-Deadpool commission

Gotta stay focused - mustn't get distracted by videogames and nostalgia...

More as the Wheel turns.


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Hope everyone's 2016 is off to a good start!

This past Saturday, I drove down to San Diego for one day of Pacific Pony Con. It was good to see the familiar faces from the So Cal Bronies meetup group, as well as meet comic artist Tony Fleecs (I hope Hasbro greenlights more Equestria Girls comics!). The venue itself was very nice - practically on the water, with a beautiful view in any direction. Best of all, they validated parking (if only EQLA did that!)

Not too long ago, I rediscovered the 1986 movie Deadly Friend - best remembered for an undead Kristy Swanson decapitating Anne Ramsey with a basketball. Curious about the original novel that inspired the movie, I purchased it on iBooks. IT WAS WORTH EVERY CENT!

After reading the book, I learned how Warner Brothers back then meddled with Wes Craven's vision, which was much closer to author Diana Henstell's narrative. I would soon find the petition for the Director's Cut of film to be released.

For those who are interested, here's a link to my review of Diana Henstell's novel on GoodReads:…

...And here's the link to the petition for the release of the Director's Cut:…

Hmm...Deadly Friend...

...Friendship is Deadly...

More as the Wheel turns!


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This past month is certainly the most productive one I've had in a LONG time.

Inktober 2015
Although it was a last minute decision, I'm glad that I took on the Inktober challenge. Aside from experimenting with a few concepts and taking a trip down memory lane, it made for an excellent time management exercise (especially when I took on my other project below).

Inktober 2015 - Day 1 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 2 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 3 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 4 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 5 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015, Day 6 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 7 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 8 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 9 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 10 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 11 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 12 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 13 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 14 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 15 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 16 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 17 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 18 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 19 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 20 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 21 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 22 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 23 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 24 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 25 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 26 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 27 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 28 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 29 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 30 by mayorlight  Inktober 2015 - Day 31 by mayorlight

Equestria Girls Halloween 2015
About halfway into the month, I decided to do a set of Halloween-themed Equestria Girls art - penciled, inked and colored the old-fashioned way (with Copics and Prismacolors like I used to do at anime conventions).
EQG Halloween 2015 Spike Colored by mayorlight  EQG Halloween 2015 Human Twilight by mayorlight  EQG Halloween 2015 Sunset by mayorlight  EQG Halloween 2015 Rainbow Dash by mayorlight  EQG Halloween 2015 Applejack by mayorlight  EQG Halloween 2015 Pinkie Pie by mayorlight  EQG Halloween 2015 Rarity by mayorlight  EQG Halloween 2015 Fluttershy by mayorlight

Having been away from digital media for a whole month now, I'll be glad to be getting back to it.

Hope that everyone's Halloween was a safe and fun one - filled with as many treats and as few cavities as possible. More as the Wheel turns.

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To all my fellow So Cal residents, and anyone who might find themselves here in Southern California in October...

Looking for some scary Halloween fun? How about an evening aboard the haunted Queen Mary? Between the Dark Harbor monsters and the resident spirits, you can bet it'll be a ghoulishly great time!

(but seriously though, this event IS LOTS OF FUN)

Check out the Dark Harbor webpage right here:…

When you buy your tickets online, enter the following code to get a discount:


Think you can brave the Queen Mary's darkest depths?
In the 18 years that I've been attending conventions, I never once imagined that I would be attending one for My Little Pony. When I heard the Equestria L.A. was returning this year, I decided that I was going to check it out.

Due to time and budget, I had to skip my "annual pilgrimage" to Anime Expo earlier this year, but I feel that it was well worth it...

Day 1
The last time I was at the Anaheim Hilton was for Anime Expo 1998 - the venue was just as I remembered it. I arrived bright and early to pick up my pre-reg badge and look over the schedule.

I hit the Opening Ceremonies, the Biologist Animal Show - a presentation by the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, CA (the charity the convention was supporting this year), the Writer's Q&A Panel, the MLP Creators Panel (where Lauren Faust asked for Bonnie Zacherle's autograph on a vintage pony toy), How to Draw Ponies with Agnes Garbowska, and John De Lancie's Q&A.

Veteran convention goer that I am, I was able to subsist on granola bars and water from the ballroom water dispensers for a good part of the day - at least, before breaking down and purchasing an early dinner from the S'barro's onsite. I concluded Friday with the Fan Art is Magic panel, where :iconarp-photography: was among the panelists (thanks for your advice RE: line art refinement, Trini).

Day 2
I started off with M.A. Larson's Interview with Lauren Faust, followed by Whose Line Is It Anyway? and the Charity Mad Libs with the voice actors. I'm pretty sure that by now, videos of these events have already been uploaded to YouTube. Among the Whose Line sketches was an improv Gospel song performed by Michelle Creber and Black Gryph0n entitled "Don't Touch My Optimus Prime Rib."

I would have liked to attend a Meet N Greet with a couple of the guests, but these were available only to those attendees who were actually staying at the Hilton. I guess limiting the Meet N Greet sign ups to hotel guests in the convention room block was the only efficient way of keeping them to a reasonable number.

For me, the highlight of Saturday was seeing a Fluttershy cosplayer carrying a sign that read: "Praise Smooze" on one side, and "Smooze Loves You" on the other. That, along with a Sonata Dusk cosplayer - the ONLY siren cosplayer I encountered all weekend.

Day 3
I hit the Voice Actor and Comic Artist panels. Agnes Garbowska and Jenn Blake :iconponygoddess: had a back-and-forth "doodle duel" going on during the first half of their panel. Afterward, the sketches they did on the clear overhead projector sheets went up for sale at the charity table in the vendor's room. I immediately purchased the sketches of Rarity and Fluttershy that Jenn did.

I then headed over to Jenn's and Agnes's tables where I picked up a few prints, and some helpful advice from both artists regarding composition (thank you ladies). I originally hadn't planned on getting any autographs, I decided to get Tabitha's autograph on Jenn's sketch of Rarity.

I concluded my convention experience with a late lunch at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles down the street.

Overall, it was an excellent convention experience. It was more laidback feeling than a large con like Anime Expo. It was also good to see many of the folks from the local So Cal Brony potlucks. Most importantly, I was reminded of the reason I participate in any fandom - the sheer creativity that permeates both the franchise and the work of its fans.

Hope everybody is enjoying the Labor Day holiday!

Yours truly,

Why not?

How long have you been on DeviantART?
10 years, outlasting both LiveJournal and MySpace.

What does your Username mean?
The name of the mayor from the New Cutey Honey OAV series. I first used this web moniker when I created a Geocities fansite dedicated to this anime - it has stuck with me ever since.

Describe yourself in three words.
Generous, refined, single-minded.

Are you left or right handed?

What was your first deviation?
Amira Ren Faire sketch '03 by mayorlight

What is your favorite type of art to create?
Anime/cartoon characters - particularly female human(oid)s.

If you could master a different art style, what would it be?
Photography. Two words: Herb Ritts.

What was your first favorite?
Asuka by ErinLayne

What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?
Usually, whatever I happen to be “into” at the moment. Frequently, it involves female human(oid) characters.

Who is your all time favorite deviant artist?
Among those whose work inspires me... :iconomar-dogan: :iconadamwarren: :icongenzoman: :iconwbd: :icontyrranux: :iconjadenkaiba: 

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
I wish that I could meet all of my fellow Deviants! In particular, however, I'd very much like to meet :iconmunkeyhaus: and :iconkittyocean:, both of whom I've known online for quite a few years. I also wouldn't mind seeing :iconhachimitsu-ink: again - we only met once at Anime Expo 2005.

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Several of my friends and colleagues from the anime convention circuit are, or at one time were, fellow deviants. A few were even Artist Alley neighbors - good times!
:icondracodawnstar: :iconbevtoole: :iconcoalescing: :iconerinlayne: :iconhyperbooster:

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Mechanical pencil, Sakura Micron pens, Adobe Photoshop CS2 (PC)/CS5 (Macbook), and a Wacom Bamboo tablet. Before my transition to digital coloring, I most frequently used Copic markers to color my work - and I still do occasionally.

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Aside from my desk at home and my kitchen’s most frequently the break room at work.

What is your favorite deviantart memory?
Attending the DeviantMeet at DA’s headquarters in 2013.
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Today, the company I'd worked at for the last six years closed its doors, letting every single one of its employees go. I was just about to take my lunch break when everyone was gathered and the announcement was made.

I don't see this as a setback, but an opportunity. "Close one door, open another."

On a lighter note, I got to watch the final episode of Stardust Crusaders early. It was everything I expected and hoped for. Overall, I very much enjoyed this TV adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It was VERY faithful to the manga - practically panel for panel (and then some). Hopefully we'll see Diamond Is Unbreakable adapted before too long...

Of course, the 1993 JoJo OAV will always hold a special place in my heart - especially for the music. This track in particular was playing in my head as I bid farewell to my co-workers:…

Funny thing - before I left, one of my co-workers handed me an 11x14" sketchpad from the lost and found that was never claimed. Never one to let anything go to waste, I happily accepted.

Between updating my Monster and LinkedIn profiles, and pounding the pavement, I've now got a LITTLE bit more time to draw. Commissions, anyone? :)

Commission Guidelines:…
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First and foremost, it was GREAT to finally hear Derpy once more - and as far as I'm concerned "Derpy" will always be her name.

As I expected, DJ remained silent - appropriate to mirror her character in the Equestria Girls dimension (despite her getting lines in the comics).

I was also glad to see Lyra and Bon Bon featured (although the latter's "deep dark secret" seemed a bit farfetched).

The icing on the cake for me was Celestia and Luna fuss over wedding gifts!

And of course, plenty of meme fuel to go around (i.e. Derpy shutting the door).

It was nice to see past events alluded to (clearly Rarity's generosity rubbed off on Steven Magnet).

Now I have to ask - when are we going to see an OWLBEAR on the show?
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Well, Season 5 is finally here! It looks like the theme this time around is adventuring across Equestria. As the Princess of Friendship, it would make sense for Twilight to act as an ambassador or "Jedi consular" (considering the Knights of the Round Table/Jedi Council sort of setup the Mane Six have in her castle).

The magical map indicating where they needed to go kinda reminded me of The Loom of Fate from Wanted. It would be interesting to know HOW it actually works (the literal hand of fate? a magical response to suffering of ponies or other sentient beings?).

Aside from having a name synonymous with Twilight Sparkle's and Sunset Shimmer's, new antagonist Starlight Glimmer intrigues me with how she employs both arcane and mundane means to get what she wants. Isolation, and (implied) sleep and sensory deprivation are all textbook behavior modification methods employed by cults - it was interesting to see these depicted on the show.

My one gripe is that I wish that we got to know Starlight's actual motives. Does she genuinely believe that depriving ponies of their destinies/talents will lead to a utopia? If so, what kind of event(s) could she have experienced to lead her to that conclusion?

Or is she just an opportunistic charlatan cult leader? Even so, the fact that she is even capable of removing another pony's cutie mark against his/her will makes her one dangerous liability. Could there be another - more arcane - reason for her wanting to hoard the cutie marks of others?

I'm sure we'll be seeing Starlight again later on - hopefully then we'll have a chance to explore these avenues. Plenty of potential here still.

Overall, this premiere didn't pack as much punch as previous seasons - but we've still got 24 more episodes to go! I keep holding onto hope that they will revisit Appleloosa (how's that truce with the buffalo holding up?). And I wanna see more of DJ! XD
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As always, I've been keeping busy one way or another.

Earlier this month, I submitted this piece to the Capcom Fighting Tribute. Originally, I was planning to submit a piece featuring Pullum Purna, Rouge and Tessa. It dawned on me however, that the majority of the submissions would likely feature female characters. At the last minute, I went with this simple piece of T. Hawk arm wrestling with Galuda.

Dullstown Arm Wrestling by mayorlight

Unfortunately, I overlooked that the submission had to be in portrait format. I just decided to submit it anyway. At the very least, I'm glad that I was able to create something halfway decent in little more than 24 hours.

At the same time, I also collaborated on a project with :iconnavelcolt:. What began with this pic of Rarity turned into a series featuring the Mane 6...
Rarity's New Navel Ring by mayorlight  Twilight Sparkle's New Navel Ring by mayorlight  Fluttershy's New Navel Ring by mayorlight  Applejack's New Navel Ring by mayorlight  Rainbow Dash's New Navel Ring by mayorlight  Pinkie Pie's New Navel Ring by mayorlight

As much as I enjoy drawing sexy pieces, however, I really want to do more All Ages art - that's the stuff that gets the most circulation at conventions. A little diversification never hurts.

On that note, I hope to attend Anime Expo and Equestria L.A. - the latter marking the first time I will ever attend an MLP convention. Will I be getting a table at either? Well that's up in the air for now. I'll definitely post it here if I do.

More as the Wheel turns.

Yours truly,


Commissions are open! :)…
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Just quickly...I'd like to take the time now to give three long overdue shout outs to three Deviants whose MLP fan art continues to inspire me. I'm pretty sure the majority of the folks out there know who they are, but nevertheless...

:iconhazurasinner: HazuraSinner
I first noticed her for her Final Fantasy XIII fan art. Around the same time I began delving into MLP, I took notice of her MLP fan work as well - both pony and humanized alike.

:iconjohnjoseco: JohnJoseco
I first noticed him around the same time as I did Hazura, likewise for his Final Fantasy XIII fan art - and continued to watch as MLP took center stage.

:iconglancojusticar: GlancoJusticar
Once I'd immersed myself in MLP, I came upon his humanized fan art - in particular, his humanized interpretations of episodes like Sisterhooves Social. Even after Equestria Girls, he remains my biggest inspiration for humanized ponies.

Hazura, JJ, Glanco (if I may address each of you so)...know that I wish each of you all the best in all of your endeavors!

Hope everyone out there is well. More as The Wheel turns.

To Do List
-Capcom Fighting Tribute entry (deadline 2/9)
-MLP "New Navel Ring" series - Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie
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Happy New Year!

Here's looking forward to all of the fun and opportunities 2015 shall bring.

TWO things in particular will make this year complete for me:
1. Mass produced hoverboards (c'mon, at least by 2020!)
2. An alien invasion repelled by giant humanoid robots

Wishing everyone all the best!
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Christmas was a quiet, relaxing affair spent visiting with my family. Saturday, December 27 marked my 35th Winter on this Earth. We celebrated with lunch at Buca Di Beppo - an excellent restaurant if you love hearty portions of Italian food (I recommend the lasagna). With the GameStop gift card I received from my Secret Santa at work, I added Batman: Arkham Origins to my XBox 360 library (pre-owned of course, me being the frugal gamer that I am).

My fellow Udon/Capcom fans have no doubt heard about Udon's latest tribute:…

I'll definitely be submitting something to this - something FAR, FAR better than the "Rock'em Sock'em Huitzils" piece I submitted to the Darkstalkers Tribute five years ago... (… ).

About three weeks ago, I discovered Sudoku. Going through the books I had stowed, I came upon an unmarked beginner's level Sudoku book that my sister had purchased a few years ago. On a lark, I decided to give it a try. Today, I'm on puzzle 71 of 100.

Busy as RL keeps me, I still manage to "steal time" to create - without giving too much away, expect a hearty helping of sexy humanized/EqG-style MLP:FiM fan art in the near future.

More as the Wheel turns.


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It goes without saying, RL has been keeping me plenty busy.

Naturally, I picked up Rainbow Rocks on DVD as soon as it was released - and of course, got one of the flawed discs that played chapters 5 and 6 in reverse order if you select Play All. For some reason, I decided to hold onto the original disc after I got my replacement from Shout! Factory - maybe I just like having a backup copy (which can play normally from the chapter select).

Lately, I've been going through all that I've hoarded since the turn of the century/millennium. It's amazing how much one can accumulate over 14 years. Among the stuff that I've recently unearthed...

-Alternity RPG books
-D20 Modern RPG books
-BESM 3rd Edition
-How To Draw Manga books (both English and Japanese)
-Various anime and videogame artbooks
-Commissioned artwork of my OCs from past conventions
-My DVD collection (5 file boxes, including unopened copies of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series by AD Vision and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series by Super Techno Arts)
-My VHS collection (2 file boxes)
-My PS2 game collection (I haven't hooked up my PS2 since I moved back to California from Las Vegas, Nevada in 2007 - over 7 years ago!)

As a kid, I once dreamed of having a massive library - something that Belle and Twilight Sparkle would be proud of. Before I had a mortgage to pay, I must have spent at least half of my income at Borders (remember them?) and Barnes and Noble - for me, the closest thing to a modern day Library of Alexandria. At one time or another, I'd like to think that every book, every movie I collected provided SOME inspiration for my own original works. Now, however, I ask myself "do I REALLY need it?"

Needless to say, I'm grateful for Bookoff ( ).

Next Thursday, I'll be joining my folks for lunch at the local Hometown Buffet - our tradition for the last couple of years. No mess to clean up, and no leftovers lasting for a week (or more).

More as The Wheel turns. Happy Thanksgiving!



Commissions Are Open!
Commission Guidelines:…
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I'll admit - for the most part, I remain a "covert brony." Even as an old school anime fan, I never "flew the flag" except at conventions. Intrigued as I was with Equestria Girls, I waited until it was on DVD to check it out.

This time around, however, I just couldn't wait. This evening, after finishing my work day, I ventured out to Triangle Square in Costa Mesa and bought a ticket for Rainbow Rocks. Needless to say, it was the best $4 I've spent in a LONG time.

Daniel Ingram has truly outdone himself. As always, the voice actors gave top notch performances - in particular, Kazumi Evans as Adagio Dazzle.

And to my fellow Sunset Shimmer fans - you will not be disappointed!

Without giving away too much, my biggest criticism is that it seemed that the Rainbooms and the Dazzlings only interacted among themselves. It would have been interesting, say, if Aria and Sonata broke away from Adagio for a bit and interacted with individual members of the Mane 6 (and vice versa).

Even with some glaring plot holes (more than its predecessor), Rainbow Rocks far surpasses the first Equestria Girls movie. I will definitely be adding this to my collection once the DVD is released.

(goes back to humming the final segment of Welcome To The Show)
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