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When we are thinking about domestic animals, the image of a dog or a cat crosses over our imagination. I don't want to say those pets are too popular, but we shouldn't forget about the little ones! They also can be very smart, surprising us with their abilities, very funny, making happier our ordinary days and surely they deserve our love and attention!
So I want you to remember that a small body of our pet doesn't mean it can handle less love, it has this same capacity for our love as any 'big' animal pet!

This is a short photo report about beloved little friends of some Deviants, little pets lovers for sure, who has submitted their photos quite lately and deserve to be shown to the world with all their love (and mine too) :)


baby trixie by Green-Lily hamster by AuroraBeauPre Lunch by Lord-Ilpolazzo Sam the Honeybear Ham by TikiTia Little baby Hamster by Kivo-De-Fly Little baby Hamster3 by Kivo-De-Fly
Portrait of a Hamster by shubat :thumb83045679: :thumb72904938: Strike a pose by gorgeous-tease Introducing Twitch. by WhisperedLitany08


Fiona by DarkLegacy416 Fuzzy by slashxslayer Little mouse II by Viuru :thumb82444254: :thumb79156912: Mouse 2 by Eliwyn   Do you want a piece of me? by grito-agudo
cuddle by georgeROCKSme my mouse bambi by boxerbaby feather by boxerbaby :thumb77238606:
:thumb81080225: baby mice by boxerbaby MOST AMAZING PICTURE EVAH by Sufzilla Jack the Mouse by ChristinaKoppe
ying yang by boxerbaby :thumb79947818: :thumb32403414: Lola the mice by maru73 I ain't got no people. by t-y-l-e-r


:thumb81345874: :thumb81345546: :thumb76197878: rats2 by aka-spirit
:thumb81604058: Sock Rat by Shnook :thumb69448349: Dune by nikkiburr Portrait of Rainy Jane by nikkiburr
Not a squirrel by Hope72 ready for my close up by Niksu-07 Sisters by Niksu-07 Wispa by Niksu-07 Henkka by ChristinaKoppe Rubadubdub by FiftyBelowZero
Sleeping cutie by jo666666 :thumb78198893: rat8 by aka-spirit
Just a Rat by Hope72   My girl,Kira by sorayamarx rat by gejju   Hanging Around by StringMoth

The best gift you can ever receive :heart:

Rattastic Holidays 8 by shorty87 a gift by Emielcia
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Haha I really like those pictures, they are so cute :D
StringMoth's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature. I really appreciate it. :D
ChristinaKoppe's avatar
Great! What a fantastic idea. Our little friends definitely deserve more attention. :)

And thanks a lot for the feature!! :hug:
Kalamari's avatar
thanks so much for putting my Dexter up there =D
Hope72's avatar
Thanks for adding Roma here :) Nice collection! I`ll make a link to this page at our rat community on livejournal, hope you don`t mind.
mayoofka's avatar
of course you can :) thanx a lot for everything! :aww:
WhisperedLitany08's avatar
Thanks so much for the feature <3333.
Ms-Typo's avatar
I loved almost every dang image in here!
I'm happy many people share the same joy in little rodents as I do!
Thank you so much for featuring Pukkita. w00tz! :heart:
mayoofka's avatar
well, I didn't know it would be so popular that makes me feel very happy :boogie:

Ms-Typo's avatar
Rodents are loved everywhere! :w00t:
Micronaut-Chan's avatar
Awe these are so cute! I love all of these pictures I think. Never forget the cute little rodents! And thank you for the feature <3
mayoofka's avatar
you are very welcome my dear :D
DemonicNymph's avatar
great selection of pix!!!!!!
Den-Lilla-Rose's avatar
JACAC's avatar
t h e y . a r e . g r e a t . b e s i d e s . t h e y . a r e . s m a l l . =)
mayoofka's avatar
great smart and intelligent too :aww:
JACAC's avatar
i n d e e d . =)
Gwirrel's avatar

You also appear to have a Gerbil in with the Mice...

Lovely photos non-the-less :heart:
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