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Oh yeah, these babies exist

I was planning on drawing these brothers at some point when I first drew the oldest but never got around to it.
Haha I have a little family of three too Ning XD
I don't have names for them yet so I'm still in need of help with names.
I haven't drawn any OCs in a while do to the fact no one really cares about them
so I hope these were worth drawing. I really wanted to draw them so yeah
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omg it's that guy I remember him from way back when
it's so good to see him again uvu~

I didn't know he had brothers as well! Ah~ They're all major cuties!
Especially that first one so help me
They've also got mad style in their hair, they all look so good *o* from the colors to the style
All so gooood ♥

I always love seeing characters from you~ They're always a treat!
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nfjknfjaknfjknfjak I'm just horrible to my babies ; w ;
I will totally try drawing them more fdafadda

thank you so much~
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How didn't I see this earlier they are all so cute ;u; I love your design and there hair is just so cute and I love there color! 
Aw I love your OCs they are all so awesome I love there design you always come up with the best and coolest design I always thought they were great and I love seeing them
I've always wished to draw your characters but sadly I've been in an art block and running out of paper 
But still you have such awesome characters I would love to see them again. ♡
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Aww thank you so much. I will probably try drawing my characters more when I have the time to but I'm so happy you and some others really like them. Gives me a confidence boost to want to draw them more!
xXleslie-salXx's avatar
No problem > u < and that's great to hear i cant wait to see them again ♡
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These boys are ADORABLE!

I love seeing other peoples' OCs, and I'm sure the lil guys love being drawn themselves!
As long as you love drawing them they'll always appreciate the worth you've given them yourself!
/OC love/
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Thank you for the kind words dear. I will probably draw them more but who's to say when that'll happen
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All my OCs got their names from google...
Mostly from baby name websites or fantasy name generators. :)

I think I like the right most one! XD
MayomiCCz's avatar
I planned on doing that at some point XD
I may do that later then :)

Haha you like the oldest  too XD
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I like quiet looking guy! (And his outfit too)
Are they all biological brothers?
You need to update their info ASAP!~~~ :heart:X3
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The quiet ones are always the best XD
Yepperz! All of them are blood brothers :nod:
I will update their info soon >3<
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Looking forward to it! ;)
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awww soo cute *_*
well done! :3*Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (So exciting!) 
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Haha thank you very much :D
FuyuniViv's avatar
no problem -^-^-facepalm 
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