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AT: Hallow's Dinner Eve-tation XD

(Like invitation IDK XD)
So my part of an awesome art trade with :iconnuku-niku:
Here we have her lovely characters on a special
Hallow's eve dinner X3 To make it even more romantic, we have a little
meister here to seronate our two "love birds". This took quite a while
but I wish I could have gotten this done a lot sooner~

Her wonderful duo characters featured here are Zanros and Nuku-Niku XD <<((you're twins!!!)
Lolz but this was nice to do! I decided to go with a Halloween theme since it's coming up in a few days
so I hope you like that XD

Her awesome part: AT : Hope you like it Misaki by Nuku-Niku
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Reminds me of the restaurant scene from Lady and the Tramp.

Nice job!
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Haha thank you!
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You are so pro, i jsut envy your coloring skills~! great work on this <3
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fdajgldjgldajgdals no stahp! Your coloring is always great too ;w;
Thank you Bantooooooooo!~ fjdnafjadsjkfa *hugs yoooooou*
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Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful! :omfg: I really love the color choice; they just go so well together. Not only that, the characters look really cute and I love their expressions.

You did a fantastic job on this, Mayomi! :hug: I'm glad Nuku loves it. :3
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Aww thanks so much >w<
I worked really hard on this so I'm happy to
hear that opinion from someone else~
Thank you ;w; :huggle:
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It really shows how hard you worked! UVU You're welcome! X3
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This is the most adorable halloween 
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Haha thank you so much!~ :hug:
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Im dying nisuhuuuujhbhuch<3333
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(stares) It's so pretty....IT'S SO FLUFFY! (noms face) <3 lol looks good. 
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Haha I'm happy you think so. Thank you!
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:iconletmehugyouplz: Let me hug you tightly plz!!!

Cuteness Overload!!!
Details... details are everywhere! It's so bright and colorful!
Love :heart: the spider web chairs, foods and mini violin-meister (hope he's not playing country music XD).
Love how he try to feed spaghetti to her, it's super adorable.

;w; / :heart: Thank you for the trading Mia, I'm so happy right now!
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I'm so glad that you like it dear! I really enjoyed trading with you again! I love drawing your characters! You're so welcome dear!
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:icontuzkiblushplz: Really love their expression too!:heart:
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Haha those were the best parts X3
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